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Remote Control

Remote control
Remote control
Remote Control refers to the ability to provide control to a robot from a remote location. Remote is a relative term however, and can apply to short distance, say from across the room, to large distances, such as across the world or through outer space.

The Remote Control most of us are familiar with is used to control our TV's, stereos, or DVD players, but that's not to say those devices can't control robots as well. These particular remote controllers use Infared light to transmit a signal and must maintain a line of sight with the receiver. Depending on which type of function you choose on the remote, it will emit a particular pulse sequence of light from an IR LED that when directed at the receiver, will read that signal and process it.

Infared remote controllers are generally fairly cheap to implement into a robot and can provide a lot of functionality. The drawback of this type of system is that it only works with a direct like of sight, and is limited to short distances.

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