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John Oliver Prepares Kids for the Inevitable Robot Takeover  Vulture

On HBO's “Last Week Tonight,” John Oliver explores the issue of automation and how it affects the jobs of today and tomorrow, then he talks with some kids ...

After Being Sold to a VC Firm, this $899 IoT Robot Will Soon Brick Itself  Motherboard

Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant will give you the time of day and the weather, but Jibo will do it with a glowing blue light that approximated a smile. Until now.

Watch this robot thread a needle  WISN Milwaukee

Chinese company Innfos Technology has unveiled a robot that can perform tasks with human-like dexterity such as pouring a drink, synchronized dancing and ...

A new robot for artistic grayscale painting  Tech Xplore

A team of researchers at St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University (ETU-LETI) and Ural Federal University (URFU) has recently created a new robotic setup for ...

Things to Know This Week: Sacramento Shuttles, Beer Robot, and Floating Grandma  Robotics Business Review

Between taking a few days off to catch a Broadway show with my daughter in New York City, and then catching a cold in the same city (curse you, Times Square ...

6 advances in robot grippers for robotics developers to watch  Robot Report

Robotic grippers are continuing to evolve and diversify in response to widening commercial applications beyond manufacturing.

MWC 2019: Robots, robots and robots, oh my! - The Full Spectrum

5G will revolutionse how we use and interact with robots, at least if some of the quirky ideas on display at Mobile World Congress are anything to go by.

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A vehicle being developed for DARPA Grand Challenge
A vehicle being developed for DARPA Grand Challenge
The DARPA Grand Challenge is a rally-style race for Autonomous cars, in which the cars had to navigate through a list of obstacles and targets and over tens of miles and reach a deadline within a time constraint.

The Grand Challenge was the first long distance competition for driverless cars in the world; other research efforts in the field of Driverless cars take a more traditional commercial or academic approach. The U.S. Congress authorized DARPA to offer prize money ($1 million) for the first Grand Challenge to facilitate robotic development, with the ultimate goal of making one-third of ground military forces autonomous by 2015.

Most of the competing cars used a combination of sensors such as radar, Laser Rangefinder , Ultrasonic Sensor , camera and a GPS to find their way around.

Due to the complexity of the task, especially in ‘noisy’ real-life situations, the leading competitors used an array of servers on board the vehicles (Cornell used 17 dual-core CPU servers, and MIT used a total of 40 CPU) that were used to run heavy and complex calculations.
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AISoy1 is the first of a new kind of personal robots that will enrich our leisure time. They are a new Artificial intelligence form of life, emotional and social, for everyone.

AISoy1 can be autonomous, thanks to AIRos, and also run complex botapps that take advantage of all of its software and hardware power.