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DARPA Grand Challenge

A vehicle being developed for DARPA Grand Challenge
A vehicle being developed for DARPA Grand Challenge
The DARPA Grand Challenge is a rally-style race for Autonomous cars, in which the cars had to navigate through a list of obstacles and targets and over tens of miles and reach a deadline within a time constraint.

The Grand Challenge was the first long distance competition for driverless cars in the world; other research efforts in the field of Driverless cars take a more traditional commercial or academic approach. The U.S. Congress authorized DARPA to offer prize money ($1 million) for the first Grand Challenge to facilitate robotic development, with the ultimate goal of making one-third of ground military forces autonomous by 2015.

Most of the competing cars used a combination of sensors such as radar, Laser Rangefinder , Ultrasonic Sensor , camera and a GPS to find their way around.

Due to the complexity of the task, especially in ‘noisy’ real-life situations, the leading competitors used an array of servers on board the vehicles (Cornell used 17 dual-core CPU servers, and MIT used a total of 40 CPU) that were used to run heavy and complex calculations.
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