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Roomba Basic Functionality is Disabled After SCI Commands


I am writing a robot-app game for Roomba.

I am facing a weird problem with my robot-app.
Whenever the game is finished Roomba is stuck:
  • All its LEDs are turned OFF;
  • Cleaning and other buttons are disabled;
  • Can’t can't turn the Roomba OFF;

I am very close to finish my game and upload it to RobotAppStore.

Please help me to fix this issue.


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Roomba SCI Commands Are Not Working


I am trying to send SCI commands to Roomba SCI port.

I’ve checked the command, and it is correct (as it is an example command for playing a sound):
128 132
140 0 1 62 32
141 0

I am using a RooTooth Bluetooth device.
The command is sent through RealTerm terminal.
I have Roomba 510 model.

What am I...

Roomba SCI Does Not Play a Song from the Beginning


I have a question regarding Roomba’s song play.
Why the second time that the pre-defined song is played, it is not started from the beginning of the song?
I’ve tried to override the existing song and re-save the song again, after playing it the first time, but it still starts from the middle.

Is it a known issue of Roomba’s SCI?


When the song play is interrupted, the next time the specific song number is played, it will continue...

Roomba SCI Stop Working After Fail Safe


I’ve successfully managed to drive my iRobot Create for a while, until it hits something that causes the fail-safe mechanism to be activated.
After the activation of the fail-safe mechanism, SCI commands are ignored.

Why is it happening?


Activation of the fail-safe mechanism puts your Roomba/Create into a “Passive mode”, which ignores the driving commands.

Only the following commands are available in “Passive mode”:

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