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The Register

I, ROBOT ~ YOU, MORON. How else will automated news work?
The Register
Something for the Weekend, Sir? They want to replace me with a robot. This is an excellent idea. In a world of unlimited connected information, it's about time that the middleman stopped getting in the way. Things happen, facts materialise, they end up ...


An Oculus Rift-Controlled Robot Is Awesome (and Also Adorable)
Basically, the robot's head feeds into the Rift's display and the entire automaton is controlled through a normal video game controller. The robot's head mimics the head of the wearer and you can poke around the office or your home from the comfort ...

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St. Augustine Record

St. Joseph students build a robot for International FIRST Robotics Competition
St. Augustine Record
PETER.WILLOTT@STAUGUSTINE.COM St. Joseph Academy science teacher Grady Heiss watches as seniors Nathaniel Falk and Joe Sitton control the school's robot "Sparky" they built to compete in a regional robotic championship held at the University of ...

The Guardian

Robear: the bear-shaped nursing robot who'll look after you when you get old
The Guardian
A number of companies have explored the idea of humanoid robots as future home-helpers for elderly people. The latest experiment from Japan is distinctly more bear-shaped, though. Meet Robear, an experimental nursing-care robot developed by the ...
Robear is a robot bear that can care for the elderlyEngadget
Robear robot care bear designed to serve Japan's aging populationGizmag
RIKEN's ROBEAR robot assists nurses when caring for their patientsDesignboom
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Disney's Avatar Theme Park, Robot Help, and Awful Police Chases: A Video ...
For this week's robot of the week, we had to go farther abroad than Disney (but closer than Pandora) to find a social robot helper being developed in Poland. The robot is called EMYS, and it was developed by Wroclaw University of Technology. The robot ...

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Robot Raiders Finish Building
Working right up until midnight on the last day, Trumansburg's robotics team, the Robot Raiders, finished building their competition robot for the FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) competition at RIT in March. By seven o ...

Popular Science

This robot dog funeral may be the saddest thing you see today
Digital Trends
Sony's robotic dog, named Aibo, was launched way back in 1999 and finally discontinued in 2006, but many of the 150,000 Aibo live on inside owner's homes. Except they're getting old, which means some are coming to the end of their lives. The pictures ...
In Japan, A Funeral For Robot DogsPopular Science

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Featured article

FIRST Robotics Logo
FIRST Robotics Logo
The First Robotics (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) organization has created the world's leading high school robotics competition which is recognized around the world by tens of thousands of schools.

The organization created a set of robotics competitions such as the FIRST Robotics Competition, FIRST LEGO League, Junior FIRST LEGO League, and FIRST Tech Challenge competitions

One the most famous leagues is the FIRST LEGO League, in which students from all around the world compete by designing, building and programming LEGO Mindstorms NXT kits to achieve a mission which changes yearly. In 2012 the topic was: “Improve and maintain the quality of life of senior citizens” where more than 250,000 students from all around the world participated in the league.

The competitions are taking place in local levels, scaling to the national level, when every nation’s winner is competing on the international level. (once a year)
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  • ... That A Cliff Sensor is important to have on certain robotic systems to avoid excessive drops that otherwise might dam...
  • ... That Degrees of Freedom (DoF) refers to how many "axes" of movement your robot has. A ...
  • ... That Open Source Software (such as ROS specifically designed for robotics) is a ...
  • ... That An EMI stands for Electro-Magnetic Interference and can be a big problem in the fields of robotics. Examples of devices ...
  • ... That An Interrupt is a term that is used to describe an interruption of normal code execution needing immediate attentio...

Featured robot

The Qbo is a standard platform for developments in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence.
There are two versions Basic Platform and Evo. A fully assembled, designed for those who want to skip the assembling steps and choosing the components. If you are a software developer, these versions will allow you forget worrying about the mechanical and electronic level and concentrate on the software
A base made up of a chassis, high quality plastic covers and mechanical parts. The head of the base comes with HD webcams and a WiFi antenna. With this setup you can add the finishing components and assemble your robot.