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Google Takes on the Challenge of Making Robot Surgery Safer
Robot-assisted surgeries aren't a new thing; in fact, they've been around in one form or another since 1985. And as tempting as the vision of a scalpel-wielding T-800 may be, in real life it's a much more delicate process. In modern robotic-surgery ...
Google's new robot project is all about your bodyWashington Post
Google's Next Goal: Trying to Improve Robot-Assisted SurgeryEntrepreneur
Google bringing vision to robots that need touchComputerworld
eWeek -Manufacturing Business Technology
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Bad Robot Taps BBC Executive to Oversee Television
J.J. Abrams' Bad Robot has tapped BBC exec Ben Stephenson to oversee its television operations. Stephenson has headed drama development for BBC since 2009. He's been responsible for such series and miniseries as “Sherlock,” “The Missing,” “Luther,” ...
Bad Robot Names BBC Drama Boss Ben Stephenson Head of TV DivisionHollywood Reporter
BBC drama chief Ben Stephenson joins JJ Abrams' Bad RobotThe Guardian
Ben Stephenson joins Bad RobotBroadcast
The Stage -TheWrap -Digital Spy UK
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The Register

Robot Overlords: Tween babysitting fodder with no in-jokes for the adults
The Register
Film Review Robot Overlords is an old-school kids' movie, with none of the surreptitious nods to the dragged along adult audiences that we've become accustomed to, just friendly, under-13s fun. When a race of giant alien robots come to Earth, the war ...

PC Gamer

Minecraft player builds walking death robot
PC Gamer
The Colossus is a two-legged walking attack robot, created by 'Cubehamster Innovation'. Its only purpose is destruction, and it achieves this with sequential missile launcher and "double mini-Nuke cannons". It's basically Metal Gear Rex, only made of ...
Minecraft Battle Mech Destroys an Entire VillageKotaku

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The robot from Ex Machina is now a personal assistant on LinkedIn
The Verge
The marketing campaign for South by Southwest darling Ex Machina continues to be both brilliant and bizarre. Ahead of the film's April 10th release, Adweek discovered that Ava, the film's gynoid, has seemingly created a LinkedIn profile advertising ...
Ava the Robot Goes From Tinder to LinkedIn, and Will Now Schedule Meetings ...Adweek

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The Mary Sue

Robot-On-Robot Action: Which Movies, Games, and Shows Pass The Botdel Test?
The Mary Sue
The Bechdel test has helped raise awareness about the dearth of strong, autonomous women in movies, and while the Bechdel test is monumentally important, there is another group often neglected in discussions of social equality: ROBOTS. So I've invented ...

Local hospital debuts new surgical robot
MONROE, La. (KNOE 8 News) - Surgeons at P&S Surgical Hospital are using a new state of the art robot for orthopedic surgery. The RIO Robotic Arm is used for knee and hip surgeries. Doctors can now use a CT scan of a patient to create a 3-D image of the ...

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A Thermal Fuse is a fusible link that is placed into a circuit that will “blow” when a certain temperature is reached. Thermal fuses are common in lithium-ion battery packs where there is a higher potential for fire. To reduce the potential for fire, a thermal fuse will cut battery power. Once the thermal fuse blows, the fuse’s conducting path is physically destroyed and must be replaced.
In contrast, a thermal cut off switch (TCO) will reset itself when the temperature returns into its operable range. TCO’s do not require one to replace it every time the thermal cut off switch is triggered. Fuses are generally considered safer because they have less moving parts, and cannot reset themselves once triggered. For more information about thermal fuses, check out the links below:

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  • ... That A Current Limit can be set in software to limit the amount of current sent to a motor or joint. This will redu...
  • ... That An Autonomous robot refers to one in which it is able to make complex decisions without human input. The level of ...
  • ... That A Speaker works in reverse to a microphone. As a Microphone detects pressure wav...
  • ... That Degrees of Freedom (DoF) refers to how many "axes" of movement your robot has. A ...
  • ... That The Watchdog Timer is a timer that is integrated into software or hardware that will trigger a system reset or...

Featured robot

The Roomba is a series of Autonomous robotic vacuum cleaners sold by iRobot.
Under normal operating conditions, it is able to navigate a living space and
common obstacles while vacuuming the floor. Several updates and new models
have since been released that allow the Roombas to better negotiate obstacles
and optimize cleaning.
Serial Port communication available also via Bluetooth and infrared
• Full control of all its motors
• Full control of all its leds.
• Full control of all its midi sounds.
• Full access to all its sensors.
• Force-seeking-dock functionality.
• Simulation of Remote Control commands.
• Sensors: bumps wheeldrops, wall, cliff, virtual wall, dirt detector, distance, angle, charging state, voltage, temperature and more...

iRobot Create is a hobbyist robot manufactured by iRobot that is based on the Roomba platform and was introduced in 2007. However, iRobot Create is explicitly designed for robotics development, rather than simply hacking the
Roomba. In place of the vacuum hardware of the Roomba, the Create includes a cargo bay which houses a 25 pin port that can be used for digital and analog
input and output. The Create also possesses a serial port through which sensor
data can be read and motor commands can be issued using the iRobot Roomba Open Interface protocol.