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Baristas beware: A robot that makes gourmet cups of coffee has arrived.  Washington Post

The food industry is adjusting to an influx of robots. The latest example is Briggo, a fully automated, robotic coffee machine that can push out 100 cups of coffee ...

Boulder County bomb squad robots increase officer safety, raise concerns about tech in policing  The Denver Post

While supporters argue that such technology, namely robots, saves lives, critics contend its conflicts with the Fourth Amendment, which protects people against ...

Video Friday: Realistic Robot Dog, and More  IEEE Spectrum

Your weekly selection of awesome robot videos.

“Particle robot” works as a cluster of simple units  MIT News

Taking a cue from biological cells, researchers from MIT, Columbia University, and elsewhere have developed computationally simple robots that connect in ...

Bringing A Scientific Ear to Robot Voices  RealClearLife

Most people find humanoid robots that look super realistic, but not quite realistic enough, to be pretty freaky, according to Wired. So scientists have worked on ...

Robotic Dreams, Robotic Realities: Why Is It So Hard to Build Profitable Robot Companies?  IEEE Spectrum

Roboticists need to discuss openly and honestly not only our successes but also our failures.

Robot dispenses gourmet cup of joe  Valley News

In the food industry, it seems, the robot revolution is well underway, with machines mastering skilled tasks that have always been performed by people.In Boston ...

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ASCII stands for American Standard Code for Information Interchange and is used to represent common characters with an 8-bit (1 Byte) binary number. Eight bits allows for 256 unique characters to be represented (As eight binary bit give 28 combinations=256) and is a very common way to transfer character-string information between devices.

Robots commonly use 8-bit ASCII for commands sent over USB or RS-232 serial communication.

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  • ... That A Thermistor is a temperature sensor that can be used to monitor internal temperatures of the robot. Usually ther...
  • ... That Limit switches are used to determine the safe operational extremities of motion on the robot. Limit switches ...
  • ... That Laser Rangefinder operate on a similar concept to that used with ...
  • ... That The Watchdog Timer is a timer that is integrated into software or hardware that will trigger a system reset or...
  • ... That Traction is a description of how well a robot's control surface maintains contact with the environment it wishes to ...

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The Qbo is a standard platform for developments in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence.
There are two versions Basic Platform and Evo. A fully assembled, designed for those who want to skip the assembling steps and choosing the components. If you are a software developer, these versions will allow you forget worrying about the mechanical and electronic level and concentrate on the software
A base made up of a chassis, high quality plastic covers and mechanical parts. The head of the base comes with HD webcams and a WiFi antenna. With this setup you can add the finishing components and assemble your robot.