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Surgical Robot Fails to Show Advantages
Wall Street Journal
The small study may cast further doubt on the benefits of Intuitive Surgical's da Vinci robot, which allows surgeons to perform minimally invasive procedures from computer consoles that control the robot's arms and surgical tools. A study last year ...
Robot stock recharges 13% on strong quarterUSA TODAY
Robots fail to impress in surgeryThe Australian

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Watching This Robot Trying To Open A Door Will Blow Your Mind
Business Insider
That may sound overly-complex, but this kind of description is important when telling something that isn't human how to navigate a complex environment like a house. Because HERB is a robot butler meant to deal with all kinds of different situations ...

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'I am a hitchhiking robot': hitchBOT ready to embark on cross-country road trip
CTV News
On July 27, the anthropomorphic robot -- named hitchBOT -- will be placed roadside near NSCAD University in Halifax, where its co-creators, Frauke Zeller and David Harris Smith, hope it will be picked up by motorists willing to let a hunk of machinery ...

Robot bladder surgery fails to deliver fewer complications
Yahoo News
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Using robotic techniques to remove a cancerous bladder doesn't reduce the risk of complications compared with conventional "open" surgery, according to a new comparison of 118 patients conducted by surgeons at the ...

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Robot crowdsources designs to build Lego turtles
If we want to build our robot army of helpers, everyone needs to pitch in. That's the conclusion drawn by a team of electrical engineers from the University of Washington, which harnessed the power of the crowd to teach a robot to build a Lego turtle.

Roll Call (blog)
DARPA Humanoid Robot Plan Going Too Well, Apparently
Roll Call (blog)
The Defense Advanced Research Project Agency's DARPA Robotic Challenge is focused on humanoid robots that could assist in disaster missions. Bryant Jordan helpfully writes, “If there is also a weaponized version a la The Terminator anywhere in the ...

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Study: Robotic surgery no better than traditional surgery for bladder cancer
CBS News
In hospital operating rooms it's becoming more common in the operating room for surgeons to use a robot to do the cutting. It's more precise and less invasive. But is it better for the patient? Robotic surgery has become a selling point for many ...
Can robotic surgery catch on?3News NZ

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Dynamo - Schematic Drawing
Dynamo - Schematic Drawing
Electricity encompasses the principle that charged particles are attracted to each other. Most of the time we reference electricity specifically regarding the flow of electrons - and for our interests, we will stick to that.

So, what is the flow of electrons you may ask? Well, if we can remember back to our days in science and physics class, electrons are negatively charged particles which circle the nucleus of an atom. If we have the same amount of electrons (negative charge), and we have the same amount of protons (Positively charged) then the atom is said to be neutral. If there are more positively charged protons, then the atom is positively charged, and if there are more electrons, then the atom will be negatively charged.

In a conductor the atoms exhibit certain qualities that allow electrons to freely pass from atom to atom. Good conductors, such as copper allow this "electron flow" to happen with relative ease, whereas insulators (such as ceramics) make this process more difficult.

The study and use of this electron flow is called electricity and can be used in many ways. In computer chips and micro-controllers, electricity is used to transfer low powered signals for logic computations, while electricity can also be used to providing large amounts of energy to drive heavy equipment.

The laws of electricity are at work in almost every facet of robotics - from providing control logic, running sensors, and powering motors. Without electricity the field of robotics (and much else in our modern world) would not be possible.

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  • ... That A Microphone converts sound waves into analog voltage signals. As the sound waves reach the microphone, they move...

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The Qbo is a standard platform for developments in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence.
There are two versions Basic Platform and Evo. A fully assembled, designed for those who want to skip the assembling steps and choosing the components. If you are a software developer, these versions will allow you forget worrying about the mechanical and electronic level and concentrate on the software
A base made up of a chassis, high quality plastic covers and mechanical parts. The head of the base comes with HD webcams and a WiFi antenna. With this setup you can add the finishing components and assemble your robot.