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Honda's ASIMO Robot Is Now Surprisingly Human
Honda's remarkable humanoid robot, ASIMO, has come a long way since I first saw it stiffly walk across a stage more than a decade ago. The latest edition can run briskly, climb stairs with ease, dance like Travolta, kick a ball and jump up in down in ...

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A Virtuoso Robot Band Whose Guitarist Has 78 Fingers
Practice might be the way for human musicians to get to Carnegie Hall, but if you're a robot, it's not so tough—as long as your programmers have given you the proper advantages. Meet the Z-Machines, a band made entirely of robots. There's Mach, a ...

A jumping robot shows the role of Biomimetics in the future of automation
Dubbed the 'Bionic Kangaroo', a surprising new robot created by German company Festo was recently unveiled in Hanover. The robot's jumping power is provided by pneumatic actuators, which also act as shock absorbers upon landing. It runs on ...

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The future of robotics is squishy
The Verge
CSAIL is working on all kinds of robots, but a confluence of key technologies such as 3D printing has inspired scientists from biology, materials science, robotics, and other disciplines to work on a reinterpretation of the robot that looks looks less ...

International Business Times UK
GoPiGo: Turn Your Raspberry Pi into a Fully Functioning Robot
International Business Times UK
If you've always wanted a robot of your own (and come on, who hasn't?), then a new Kickstarter campaign for a robot kit powered by the Raspberry Pi £30 computer would be right up your street. Dexter Industries is a Virginia-based company that is ...

Singularity Hub
Festo Unleashes a Robotic Kangaroo and a Swarm of Bubble Drones
Singularity Hub
Take their robot kangaroo dubbed BionicKangaroo. According to Festo, a kangaroo's long leg and foot tendons absorb and store energy from one hop to the next, while their tail acts as a counterweight to balance the system. These traits allow roos to ...

Students turn $250 wheelchair into geo-positioning robot
As its first official task, a remote-controlled version of the robot built on the cheap photographed a room and interior catalog of UAH's new Charger Union building for inventory and insurance purposes for the university's Physical Plant Administration ...
$250 Wheelchair Transformed Into Johnny Five Geo-Positioning RobotUbergizmo

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Network Cable
Network Cable
A Network Cable is used to exchange information between robots, other sensor devices, or computers. Network cables can be replaced with a wireless network, however network cables offer certain advantages that can only be available to a wired connection.

Networks that are wired can transfer data at faster rates, over longer distances, and in many situations are much less susceptible to EMI noise. In the case of fiber optic cables, EMI noise can be completely eliminated from the transmission lines, which makes them ideal in noisy environments.

Network cables can also be used to supply power to remote devices such as poE (power over Ethernet) as well as eliminating security threats that might exist with a wireless data network. Additionally, wired networks do not require as much energy to maintain connection since they do not need to broadcast signals over the large distances that wireless networks do.

Typical network cables consist of twisted pair cables (for noise and cross-talk elimination) such as in a CAT-5 Ethernet cable, Coax cable (for shielding the inner conductor), and optical fiber network cables.

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Featured robot

The Parrot ARDrone is a remote controlled Quadcopter with cameras attached to it, built by the French company Parrot.

It is designed to be controllable with smartphone.
• Constructed of high strength carbon tube and EPP foam.
• 15W brushless motors, 4 included.
• Fly indoors and outside.
• Hands-free launch and landing.
• Real-time on-screen video feed augmented reality games.
• Switchable forward and downward facing cameras.
• Stable flight maintained thanks to onboard sensors.
• Flight time up to 12 minutes.
• Top speed of up to 11 MPH.
• Range of up to 160 feet.