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The Sun

Robot that lays six times as many bricks a day as humans to arrive in Britain within months… leaving thousands of ...
The Sun
ROBOT brickies will be arriving on building sites across Britain within months – putting thousands of jobs at risk, it has emerged. The Semi-Automated Mason – or SAM for short – can lay a stonking 3,000 bricks a day in comparison with the builder's ...
Bricklaying robots set to replace human builders on hundreds of UK construction

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San Francisco Examiner

As robots take human jobs, Supervisor Kim proposes a “robot tax”
San Francisco Examiner
In the past month, robots have been coming over to the Bay Area and taking our jobs, whether it be as a waiter at Oakland Airport, a barista in SoMa or food delivery just about anywhere in San Francisco. And Supervisor Jane Kim wants to tax them all ...

The Week Magazine

This robot is really good at drilling tiny holes into human skulls
The Week Magazine
Surgeons have a new helper: a robot that's been "perfectly designed to drill tiny tunnels in your skull," said Rachel Feltman at Popular Science. Each year, some 65,000 people with hearing difficulties receive cochlear implants, devices that transmit ...

Most westerners distrust robots – but what if they free us for a better life?
The Guardian
The barriers to our transition to driverless vehicles, and to other forms of robot intervention into our daily lives, then, are not just technical but social, political and psychological. Trust will be a huge issue and you don't have to think too hard ...

Math scores should improve with C-STEM robot class
The year's not over, but middle school students in sixth, seventh and eighth grades in 18 classes in Northwest Local School District in a new applied math class that uses robots to teach and reinforce math concepts are showing higher math achievement ...

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Robot Wars hit by brutal backlash as shock judges' error sparks OUTRAGE: 'What a cop out'
ROBOT WARS was stung with a rare bout of backlash tonight after a remarkable gaffe threw a major curveball for the brutal battle of the bots. By Adam Miller. PUBLISHED: 20:10, Sun, Mar 26, 2017 | UPDATED: 20:41, Sun, Mar 26, 2017. The latest instalment ...
Robot Wars series 9 episode 4 reviewDen of Geek UK
When is Robot Wars on BBC Two tonight, who are Dara O'Briain and Angela Scanlon and what are the house robots?The Sun
What time is Robot Wars on tonight?Radio Times
OntheBox -Telly Mix
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OptoForce Brings Sense of Touch to US Robots
Yahoo Finance
Robotics company OptoForce today opened a U.S. office missioned with bringing a much-needed sense of touch for robots. Already used successfully in medical and service sectors and other difficult-to-automate assembly tasks throughout Western Europe ...

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Featured article

A Thermal Fuse is a fusible link that is placed into a circuit that will “blow” when a certain temperature is reached. Thermal fuses are common in lithium-ion battery packs where there is a higher potential for fire. To reduce the potential for fire, a thermal fuse will cut battery power. Once the thermal fuse blows, the fuse’s conducting path is physically destroyed and must be replaced.
In contrast, a thermal cut off switch (TCO) will reset itself when the temperature returns into its operable range. TCO’s do not require one to replace it every time the thermal cut off switch is triggered. Fuses are generally considered safer because they have less moving parts, and cannot reset themselves once triggered. For more information about thermal fuses, check out the links below:

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  • ... That Music Beat Detection uses a Microphone input to determine where cert...
  • ... That The Watchdog Timer is a timer that is integrated into software or hardware that will trigger a system reset or...
  • ... That Battery Life of a robot can be dependent on a lot of factors. To name a few, the battery age, amount of charge ...
  • ... That A Joint is a flexible part of a robot that is designed to move, rotate, or translate in some way. Joints can be control...
  • ... That A Sensor is a device that measures a physical quality and transfers it into a form of information that can be read b...

Featured robot

The Parrot ARDrone is a remote controlled Quadcopter with cameras attached to it, built by the French company Parrot.

It is designed to be controllable with smartphone.
• Constructed of high strength carbon tube and EPP foam.
• 15W brushless motors, 4 included.
• Fly indoors and outside.
• Hands-free launch and landing.
• Real-time on-screen video feed augmented reality games.
• Switchable forward and downward facing cameras.
• Stable flight maintained thanks to onboard sensors.
• Flight time up to 12 minutes.
• Top speed of up to 11 MPH.
• Range of up to 160 feet.