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Robot Fights Break Out in New Hampshire, Sparking Fears of a Robot Uprising
Fights broke out today in New Hampshire between anti-Marco Rubio robots and pro-Rubio humans. It could not yet be confirmed whether the robot uprising has begun, but someone needs to tell that woman that you can't strangle a robot. It only makes them ...

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I Fell In Love With This Adorable Home Robot
Home service robots are a part of nearly every vision of the future that doesn't involve our planet ending as a smouldering wreck. But versions thus far have either been completely unhelpful, or terrible at standing up. The Robit is meant to be a ...
This robot just wants to helpMashable
Robit launches crowdfunding campaign for home helper robot that runs appsVentureBeat
Should robots be friends or tools? Open-API platforms point strongly in one directionZDNet

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Robot Does the Worm to Get Around
It has a pair of 3D-printed pantographs that expand and contract with servos and move along the robot's axis on a stepper-driven lead screw. An Arduino reads sensors and coordinates the expansion of the pantographs to grip the internal diameter of a ...

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Daily Mail

America now has a record breaking 260000 robots working in its factories
Daily Mail
Last year, robots were ordered and shipped into North America at a record-breaking rate. Now, there are an estimated 260,000 robots working in factories across the continent – but despite fears of robots stealing human jobs, the unemployment rate in ...
Robot sales set new North American record in 2015Plastics News

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This Robot Can Help You Apply Your Lipstick
If you need a hair appointment A.S.A.P, there's an app for that. No time to do your nail? Nail polishis now available in an on-the-go areosol spray can. And, if you've never been very skilled at applying your lipstick flawlessly, there is now a robot ...

Daily Mail

Navy reveals Shipboard Autonomous Firefighting Robot
Daily Mail
Enabling an autonomous robot with the capabilities to put out fires would relieve Navy personnel of a dangerous burden, and help to extinguish fires in the early stages before they become catastrophic. SAFFiR was tested in a naval firefighting exercise ...
Navy calls on researchers to create firefighting humanoid robotComputerworld
WPI Team to Train Humanoid Firefighting
WPI gets US Navy funding to program firefighting robots for shipsBetaBoston
Robotics Tomorrow (press release)
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Pi-Powered Robot Plays Puzzle & Dragons
A YouTube user named [Junya Sakamoto] built a robot to play the game for him. It analyzes the board to come up with the best possible series of moves and then executes them using a Raspberry Pi. You can see what the robot is planning on the screen of a ...

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Featured article

Facial Recognition is a software application that allows the computer to identify a person based on a video or still image of their face. One way to accomplish this is to compare specific facial traits of a person's face to an existing database of images. The computer program analyzes each image and takes note of certain physical features - such as the location of the eyes, size and location of the mouth, and other noteable features. Once this is done, the program then compares these data points to those extracted from other images in the database and determines how well both faces match.
Some facial recognition software does not necessarily focus on finding a match, but rather is used to just find the location of a face in face tracking software. An example of this is used in this robot app here: NXT Face Tracker

This robot app uses the camera on an android device to perform facial tracking and guide the robot. For more information about facial recognition check out these links:

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  • ... That An Accelerometer is used to determine the magnitude and orientation of acceleration. One of its main uses is to...
  • ... That A Cliff Sensor is important to have on certain robotic systems to avoid excessive drops that otherwise might dam...
  • ... That A Microcontroller (MCU) is a programmable device that contains various sets of hardware elements that are int...
  • ... That A fuse is a “weak link” in a circuit that is built in to provide protection for other components within your robot. A fuse generally consists of a th...
  • ... That A Resolution refers to the amount of information that can be encoded in a piece of information. Often this is use...

Featured robot

The Qbo is a standard platform for developments in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence.
There are two versions Basic Platform and Evo. A fully assembled, designed for those who want to skip the assembling steps and choosing the components. If you are a software developer, these versions will allow you forget worrying about the mechanical and electronic level and concentrate on the software
A base made up of a chassis, high quality plastic covers and mechanical parts. The head of the base comes with HD webcams and a WiFi antenna. With this setup you can add the finishing components and assemble your robot.