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In a hurry? Let a robot valet park your car
Rather than getting behind the wheel, however, this robotic valet physically lifts your three tons of road machinery and slots it into pre-designated robot parking bays. Nicknamed RAY by its creators, the automated forklift truck is the brainchild of ...

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Daily Beast

Workers' New Robot Overlords Will Probably Not Be Welcome
Daily Beast
But there is a major challenge ahead when it comes to some of these very technologies and the development of smart machines – artificial intelligence and robots capable of performing most routine human activity. And that is the risk of structural and ...

Fox News

Chinese retiree designs a robot horse
Fox News
While many retirees take up interesting hobbies when they leave the workforce, Su Daocheng, 60, might be able to claim the title of most unusual post-work activity – designing a rideable robotic horse. Su built the robot that stands just under five ...

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Robot acquires chef skills via YouTube instructional vids
Researchers used a Baxter robot, typically used in manufacturing, and developed a system that allowed it to process the visual stimuli of the YouTube video, recognize and grab corresponding kitchen utensils and/or food objects and manipulate them in a ...
Robots can learn how to cook by watching YouTube videos, thanks to DARPADigital Trends
Robots Are Now Learning How To Cook By Watching YouTube Videosio9
DARPA's new tech lets robots learn from YouTube videosEngadget
National Monitor -PC Magazine -Immortal News
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AP's 'robot journalists' are writing their own stories now
The Verge
Minutes after Apple released its record-breaking quarterly earnings this week, the Associated Press published (by way of CNBC, Yahoo, and others) "Apple tops Street 1Q forecasts." It's a story without a byline, or rather, without a human byline — a ...
Robot-writing increased AP's earnings stories by

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CTV News

Hotel staffed entirely by robots to open in Japan
CTV News
After robot servers and concierges, Japan is set to open a hotel staffed entirely by robots. When the Hen-na Hotel opens this summer, guests will hand over their luggage to robotic porters, and present themselves to a front desk staffed by blinking ...

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The Guardian

How robots are helping children with autism
The Guardian
His clothes are covered in sensors, and he is standing in front of Zeno, a smiling, 2ft-tall robot. “What is your favourite food?” Zeno asks Anthony. “Chocolate milk and french fries.” “I love chocolate milk,” Zeno replies. The robot raises its arm ...

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Microphone sensor
Microphone sensor
A Microphone converts sound waves into analog voltage signals. As the sound waves reach the microphone, they move a small diaphragm back and forth within the device. Attached to this diaphragm is usually a piezoelectric material that generates a voltage as the diaphragm moves back and forth. This "electronic signature" of the diaphragm motion can be captured, amplified, and then replayed back through speakers to produce sound again.

Similarly, the captured electronic recording can also be analyzed by a robot for speech detection, or even detect beats to music.

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  • ... That Hall sensor is based upon the “hall effect”, which is a way to detect the presence and intensity of a magnetic fi...
  • ... That A Cliff Sensor is important to have on certain robotic systems to avoid excessive drops that otherwise might dam...
  • ... That Bluetooth is a wireless data transfer network that is primarily used for wireless mobile devices. Bluetooth, just ...
  • ... That An EMI stands for Electro-Magnetic Interference and can be a big problem in the fields of robotics. Examples of devices ...
  • ... That Text to Speech allows a robot to process a string of characters or letters and generate audible speech. Text t...

Featured robot

The Qbo is a standard platform for developments in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence.
There are two versions Basic Platform and Evo. A fully assembled, designed for those who want to skip the assembling steps and choosing the components. If you are a software developer, these versions will allow you forget worrying about the mechanical and electronic level and concentrate on the software
A base made up of a chassis, high quality plastic covers and mechanical parts. The head of the base comes with HD webcams and a WiFi antenna. With this setup you can add the finishing components and assemble your robot.