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Could a robot do your job?
But advances in technology mean such workers may be replaced by robots like HERB, the "Home-Exploring Robot Butler" under development at Carnegie-Mellon. HERB is learning to retrieve and deliver objects, prepare simple meals and empty a grocery ...
The rise of human-like robots, cars and dronesBBC News
Your Retirement May Include a Robot HelperMIT Technology Review
In China, high demand for robots but too many robot manufacturersReuters

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SoftBank's humanoid robot lands job as Nescafe salesman
TOKYO (Reuters) - Nestle SA will enlist a thousand humanoid robots to help sell its coffee makers at electronics stores across Japan, becoming the first corporate customer for the chatty, bug-eyed androids unveiled in June by tech conglomerate SoftBank ...
Would you buy coffee from this robot?CBS News
Meet Nescafe's newest salesman in Japan - a robot named PepperABS CBN News
Nestle parades a robot sales forceBangkok Post
Business Insider Australia
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Shopping? The robot will help you now
Forget sales associates, or even personal shoppers. The shopping assistant of the future is a human-sized, multilingual robot, and it will be rolling down the aisles of a California store just in time for the holidays. Two robots, called OSHbots, will ...
Meet Lowe's Newest Sales Associate -- OSHbot, the
New handyman clerk at Lowe's is a robotMashable
Lowe's Testing Customer Service RobotsFOX News Radio
Science Times -CNET -The New Yorker
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Ginger the robot wants to make you LOL
(CNN) -- Robots can be many things -- knowledgeable, dexterous, strong. But can they ever be genuinely laugh-out-loud hilarious? "If you prick us in our battery pack, do we not bleed alkaline fluid?" asks Ginger the Robot, haltingly throwing up its ...
Everyone Go Home, the Robot Comedians Are Hereio9

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Washington Times
ERNEST ISTOOK: Obama is a robot's best friend: Policies hurt jobs but help ...
Washington Times
Fast-food giant McDonald's has joined the trend of going to automation: Robots and computers can take and serve orders, but don't get minimum-wage hikes. They don't need Obamacare. They don't join union-organized protesters clamoring for $15 an hour.

Science World Report
Projecting a robot's intentions
EurekAlert (press release)
In a darkened, hangar-like space inside MIT's Building 41, a small, Roomba-like robot is trying to make up its mind. Standing in its path is an obstacle — a human pedestrian who's pacing back and forth. To get to the other side of the room, the robot ...
MIT Creates a Visualization System to Track the Way Robots ThinkBostInno

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The Morning Download: A Lowe's Robot Aims to Cut 'Friction' From Big-Box ...
Wall Street Journal (blog)
Good Morning. Lowe's Cos. is introducing shopping assistant robots that represent a small step in reducing the frustration of weekend home improvements jobs, but a potentially massive step—or glide for devices on wheels—towards a new understanding of ...

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DFRobot's Tilt Sensor
DFRobot's Tilt Sensor
A Tilt Sensor or an Inclinometer, measures the angle of tilt of a robot. The output can either be an analog value representing the angle of tilt, or a digital on/off output. An analog tilt sensor would utilize and accelerometer, whereas a digital tilt "switch" would just measure if the angle of tilt was less than or greater than a certain amount.

A digital tilt sensor might consist of a pendulum that when rotated to a certain degree, triggers an output such as a reed switch or contact switch.

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  • ... That Limit switches are used to determine the safe operational extremities of motion on the robot. Limit switches ...
  • ... That An Interrupt is a term that is used to describe an interruption of normal code execution needing immediate attentio...
  • ... That A Thermistor is a temperature sensor that can be used to monitor internal temperatures of the robot. Usually ther...
  • ... That A Speaker works in reverse to a microphone. As a Microphone detects pressure wav...
  • ... That An Ultrasonic Sensor allows the robot the ability to understand & visualize the world around it. Ultrasonic...

Featured robot

PLEO is an Autonomous robotic life form, modeled on a young Camarasaurus dinosaur.

PLEO is designed to mimic life, which means PLEO thinks and acts independently, just like a real animal. In general, a Life Form looks, moves, and behaves in ways that trigger a "belief of life". Sepcifically, PLEO has organic body language, exhibits emotions, is aware of his/her surroundings and has recognizable behaviors. PLEO' sophisticated sensory system has devices that enable him to hear, to see, to sense touch, and to detect objects. It is the newest member of your family!

• Every PLEO LifeForm includes: Companion Guide, Training Leaf, Authenticity ID Card, One Li-Polymer Rechargeable Battery, Charging cradle, and Universal voltage power Adapter.
• Not intended for children under the age of 12.
• Product Dimensions: 15 x 4 x 8 inches - Weight: 8.8 pounds.
• Pleo's Li-Polymer battery provides longer play time than 2009 Pleo. Recharging a depleted battery takes 4 hours.
• US/Non-U.S. Version includes: 100-240VAC 50/60Hz universal adapter