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The Verge

Starship will test its autonomous delivery robot in Washington, DC this fall
The Verge
Starship — the company behind the adorable, six-wheeled delivery robot we met this year at Mobile World Congress — has received approval from the Washington, DC Department of Transportation to start testing a delivery program as early as this ...
Robot deliveries will roll, not fly through Washington, DCWTOP

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Cozmo uses AI to develop a little robot personality
There are plenty of toy robots on the market, but they tend to lack a real sense of personality. With scripted responses and set, repeated movements, they can be hard to love. A team of robotics engineers at Anki have attempted to create a truly ...
This tiny robot is a real life Wall-ECNNMoney
Anki's Cozmo robot is the real-life WALL-E we've been waiting forThe Verge
Former Pixar and DreamWorks Animators Helped Design This Adorable RobotFortune
Forbes -Wall Street Journal
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BBC News

'Robot lawyer' fights parking tickets
BBC News
Mr Browder was inspired to build the bot, which he describes as "the world's first robot lawyer", after receiving "countless" parking tickets himself. It took him three months to program. The Stanford University student is currently building a new bot ...
World's first 'robot lawyer' overturns 160000 parking tickets in London and New
Robot vs. Meter Maid: Virtual Assistant Helps Motorists Fight — and Overturn — Parking TicketsWall Street Journal (blog)
'ROBOT LAWYER' could get you off a parking
International Business Times UK -SiliconBeat -Tech.Co
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CBS Local

Seen At 11: This Robot Gives Men High-Tech, Painless Hair Transplants
CBS Local
NEW YORK (CBSNewYork)– By the age of 50, about 80 percent of men experience some hair loss. Traditional hair transplants involve painful surgery, but that can now be avoided by turning to a robot for high-tech hair. Chris Lagrotteria spoke to CBS2 as ...


Jibo Is Like Alexa and a Puppy Inside One Adorable Robot
It isn't the first—Pepper, a humanoid robot from Softbank, does the same thing and arrives in the US later this year. But Pepper started in customer service and was adapted to home use. Breazel's team created Jibo specifically for domestic interaction.

Digital Trends

BBC's new 'Robot Wars' resurrects your favorite wired warriors
Digital Trends
Forget the disappointing refresh of Top Gear — the BBC comeback show we're most excited about seeing cross the Atlantic is Robot Wars: the classic 1990s robot beat-em-up which took the format of American Gladiators and added sparks, engineering ...

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Pillo is a home health robot that poops out your pills
Keeping on top of which pills to take when requires some thought, but don't worry, we'll soon have Pillo to do the thinking for us. Pillo is a personal home health robot. Basically, Pillo is what happens when you combine a service like Siri with a pill ...
A connected home robot that could take care of your healthDesign Week
Pillo Home Healthcare Robot Give You the Meds You NeedI4U News

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Featured article

RGB model
RGB model
The RGB stands for Red Green and Blue and is the most common way to generate different colors. If you look at your monitor very closely (try looking though a magnifying glass) you will notice three colors, which will be red green and blue. These three colors are clumped together in what is called a pixel. Based upon the intensity / mixing of each of these red green and blue colors, you can generate most colors within the spectrum. Monitors use this technique to generate different colors, and their Resolution is typically described in pixels. Other color “models” exist, such as CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and key/black), for color printing.

Robots that want to generate various colors, can use the primary RGB colors to represent different feedback information. For more information about RGB mixing, please visit the links below:

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  • ... That The NAOqi is the proprietary framework that used to control the NAO robot. You can program th...
  • ... That A Tilt Sensor or an Inclinometer, measures the angle of tilt of a robot. The output can either be an analog value...
  • ... That An Accelerometer is used to determine the magnitude and orientation of acceleration. One of its main uses is to...
  • ... That The Watchdog Timer is a timer that is integrated into software or hardware that will trigger a system reset or...
  • ... That A CPU stands for Central Processing Unit. The CPU carries out the instructions in a program by performing basic arithmet...

Featured robot

The Sphero is a robotic ball that you control with a tilt, touch, or swing from your smartphone or tablet.

Bluetooth controlled robotic ball – 50 foot plus range.
• Multi-colored LED capable of producing thousands of colors.
• Reach speeds of up to 3 feet per second with precise control.
• Internal guidance system including gyro, Accelerometer and compass.
• Charge time: Approximately 180 minutes.
• Drive time: Over 60 minutes at full speed.