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The Pentagon's 'Terminator Conundrum': Robots That Could Kill on ...
New York Times
The United States has put artificial intelligence at the center of its defense strategy, with weapons that can identify targets and make decisions.

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This Robot Is the Real Robocop
Wall Street Journal
LAGUNA BEACH, Calif.—The robots are watching you. Really. The Knightscope K5 is an autonomous security robot already being deployed in malls, sports stadiums and corporate campuses. In an onstage demonstration at The Wall Street Journal's ...
This Robot Could Help Prevent CrimeMarketWatch

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Meet China's freakishly realistic droids at the World Robot Conference
Daily Mail
Dubbed the 'robot goddess', Jia Jia is being taught deep learning abilities, including understanding human language, and detecting facial expressions. The life-like cyborg was displayed at the 2016 World Robot Conference, where she pulled in huge ...
Humanoids dominate World Robot Conference in BeijingPress TV
Human-like robots attract attention of

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Why Robots Must Learn to Tell Us “No”
Scientific American
Although the possibility of a robot apocalypse is at the forefront of the popular imagination, our research team is more sanguine about the impact that artificial intelligence will have in real life. We envision a fast-approaching future in which ...

Daily Mail

Dives aplenty as American robots beat Australians at RoboCup football challenge
The Guardian
Jeremy Collette, from the University of New South Wales in Australia, bemoaned the glitches that hampered Runswift. “We've been using that robot for three or four days straight, and just before the finals it stops,” said Collette. “Then we had another ...
US beats Australia in technically fraught robot world cupInquirer
Robots playacting in RoboCup ChallengeESPN FC (blog)
Team of U.S. robots bests Australian machines for RoboCup soccer
Daily Mail -ABC Online
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A Glimpse Into The Mind Of A Robot Vacuum Cleaner
What's going through the mind of those your autonomous vacuum cleaning robots as they traverse a room? There are different ways to find out such as covering the floor with dirt and seeing what remains afterwards (a less desirable approach) or mounting ...

Watch Uber's robot truck deliver 45000 cans of Budweiser
It's the first-ever delivery completed fully autonomously and is a sign that — following its exit from China, where it was losing billions of dollars — Uber is growing more serious about diversifying its revenue streams. The partnership between ...

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Featured article

Serial Port
Serial Port
A Serial Port is a piece of hardware that is used to transfer information between two devices using serial communication. A typical serial port interface is a 9 pin D-sub connector, but can come in many different types of form-factors. USB is also a type of serial port and stands for Universal Serial Bus. USB is a much more complicated standard than the typical 9-pin D-sub serial port you might find on a desktop computer (RS-232 standard). Anyway you look at it, most data transmission between different devices is sent serially and most robots utilize some form of serial communication. An example is the SCI communication port on the roomba.

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  • ... That A SLAM (Simultaneous localization and mapping) is a technique used by robots and ...
  • ... That Battery Life of a robot can be dependent on a lot of factors. To name a few, the battery age, amount of charge ...
  • ... That Robot Calibration is the process of determining the actual values of kinematic and dynamic parameters of a robot....
  • ... That Degrees of Freedom (DoF) refers to how many "axes" of movement your robot has. A ...
  • ... That A Sensor is a device that measures a physical quality and transfers it into a form of information that can be read b...

Featured robot

NAO is a humanoid robot

• Embedded Computer and WiFi included
• Vision system, voice recognition, Text to Speech and more standard
• Functional hands can pick up and grasp objects
• Only educational and research customers may purchase this product. See bottom of page for details.

The NAO Humanoid Robot from Aldebaran Robotics is a companion, assistant and research platform. If the full-size personal butler is still a vision of the future, ALDEBARAN’s robots will already provide a perfect platform to deliver a range of daily services. With 25 degrees of freedom, NAO is capable of executing a wide range of movements (walking, sitting, standing up, dancing, avoiding obstacles, kicking, seizing objects, etc.)

Equipped as standard with an embedded computer and wifi connection, NAO is fully Autonomous and can establish a secure connection to the Internet to ownload and broadcast content.

Fitted with two speakers and several microphones, NAO has a quality sound system to play music. It is equipped with a voice recognition system that locates where the sound is coming from, so that he can turn his head towards the Speaker or origin of the sound. He has a text to speech function so he can interact with its environment verbally by pronouncing any text sent to him, messages, e-mail, books, newspapers, etc.

The NAO Humanoid robot from Aldebaran Robotics has a vision system allowing him to capture and send photos, video streams, recognize colored objects, detect and recognize faces and communicate with the PC or the web (downloading files, behaviors, sending images in real time, etc.)

NAO is fully autonomous; it can find his way around a room while avoiding
obstacles. It is also capable of going alone to its recharge base when its battery is low.

Nao is being introduced on the market as the ideal introduction to robots and aspires to eventually, become an autonomous family companion. Finally, with more sophisticated functions, it will adopt a new role, assisting humans with daily tasks. Featured with an intuitive, dedicated programming interface, “Choregraphe”, and a full SDK which connects to NAOqi, the entire family will be able to enjoy the robotic experience. Full of new and advanced technology, the NAO robot will also satisfy the most demanding techno-addict’s expectations.