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CBS News

Japan battles population decline with robots
CBS News
Japan's robot revolution was explored during "CBSN: On Assignment" -- a new primetime documentary series which premiered Monday, July 31 on the CBS Television Network and on CBSN, the network's 24/7 streaming news service.

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This tarantula robot is frightening and, perhaps, useful
Its creators at Beijing-based Vincross say in their YouTube video that this phone-controlled, maneuverable spider is "an all-terrain robot for the real world." They insist that it's easily programmable, so that developers can make it do whatever they ...
Meet Hexa, a Six-Legged Insectile Robot That's Just As Creepy As It ...WIRED
Six-legged programmable robot is a technical toy for tinkerersNew Atlas
A robotic technology stack aimed at developers on a budgetZDNet
Outer Places -Business Wire (press release) -Electronics360
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The Guardian

Robot shelf-stack fail suggests they won't take our jobs just yet ...
The Guardian
Boston Dynamics demo clip shows we are not quite living in an i, Robot future – even if the machines can skate better than you can.
Why do we like robots more when they mess up? - The VergeThe Verge

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Science Magazine


Singapore's room service robot: AURA at M Social Hotel - CNN ...
The M Social Hotel in Singapore is taking room service to a new level thanks to AURA, the room service robot.

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Hapless robot in shelf stack fail proves our jobs are safe - for now
Hapless robot in shelf stack fail proves our jobs are safe - for now. Atlas is being developed by Boston Dynamics Credit: Boston Dynamics / YouTube. Mark Molloy. 16 August 2017 • 9:33am. Robots could one day take our jobs, but it seems that could be a ...
This Boston Dynamics robot is way smarter than its shelf-stacking fail suggestsDigital Trends

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Featured article

Cheetah by Boston Dynamics tethered to the ceiling.
Cheetah by Boston Dynamics tethered to the ceiling.
A Tether can be used to restrain a robot’s movement. Tethers can prevent robot damage by restricting motion into a dangerous area, or can be used to safely extract a robot from its environment if a loss of power or control occurs. A tether might be used in a situation where a robot is operating near a hazard, such as other robotic equipment, water, or a large drop off, where it is necessary to restrict movement or prevent the robot from falling over. Tethers are more commonly used when testing large unproven robot equipment. For more information about safety restraints check out the links below:

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  • ... That An Autonomous robot refers to one in which it is able to make complex decisions without human input. The level of ...
  • ... That The First Robotics (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) organization has created...
  • ... That A Sensor is a device that measures a physical quality and transfers it into a form of information that can be read b...
  • ... That A Resolution refers to the amount of information that can be encoded in a piece of information. Often this is use...
  • ... That A Thermal Fuse is a fusible link that is placed into a circuit that will “blow” when a certain temperature is re...

Featured robot

The Parrot ARDrone is a remote controlled Quadcopter with cameras attached to it, built by the French company Parrot.

It is designed to be controllable with smartphone.
• Constructed of high strength carbon tube and EPP foam.
• 15W brushless motors, 4 included.
• Fly indoors and outside.
• Hands-free launch and landing.
• Real-time on-screen video feed augmented reality games.
• Switchable forward and downward facing cameras.
• Stable flight maintained thanks to onboard sensors.
• Flight time up to 12 minutes.
• Top speed of up to 11 MPH.
• Range of up to 160 feet.