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BBC News
Robot will beam live Moon pictures to Oculus users
BBC News
Scientists at Carnegie Mellon University have developed a robot which they plan to land on the Moon to act as eyes for Earth-bound space enthusiasts. The project is part of a $30m prize from Google offered to a team that can send video back from the moon.

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Robot can perform brain surgery through the patient's cheek
The surgical robot developed by mechanical engineering graduate student David Comber and mechanical engineering associate professor Eric Barth enters the brain from underneath by going through the patient's cheek, carefully negotiating gaps in the ...
3D Printed Surgical Robot Designed to Perform Less Risky Surgery on Patients
Robot Sends Needles Through The Cheek to Perform Brain SurgeryHeadlines & Global News

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WATCH: A.J. Green's commercial with the Old Spice robot
funny commercials with the Old Spice robot. Bengals receiver "Age" Green manages to keep a straight face and a smile even as the robot mocks his name during his "4th and Touchdown" spoof. After explaining his name is "A-Jay," Green laughs off the robot ...

Christian Slater To Star In USA Pilot 'Mr. Robot'
Christian Slater has been cast in the title role of USA Network's cyber-crime drama pilot Mr Robot. The project, from Universal Cable Prods, centers on a young programmer, Elliot (Rami Malek), who suffers from a debilitating anti-social disorder and ...
Christian Slater Will Play An Anarchist Hacker Named 'Mr. Robot' In A USA ...Uproxx
Christian Slater to star in USA drama 'Mr. Robot'Entertainment Weekly
Christian Slater Joins USA's Cyber Crime Pilot 'Mr. Robot'Variety
TheWrap -We Got This Covered
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IEEE Spectrum
How to Make a Steerable Robot With Just One Single Motor
IEEE Spectrum
Imagine a little robot with six even little leggy wheel things that it uses to scurry around on the floor. Or, don't imagine it, and just look at the picture above instead. This robot is called 1STAR, for “1 actuator STeerAble Robot.” Even though it ...

Coffs Coast Advocate
Making gaming's most obnoxious robot
The Verge
Early on in the first Borderlands, players get off of a bus and are greeted by a robot named Claptrap who serves as a part of the initial tutorial, easing you into the first-person shooter's unique sci-fi world. He wasn't much to look at, just a ...
Loot Caves Discovered in Borderlands: The Pre-SequelGameSpot

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Yahoo Tech
Get Ready for Robot Farmers
Yahoo Tech
On most lettuce farms, workers weave between rows to cull extra heads of lettuce crowding out the healthiest plants. The practice, called thinning, is labor-intensive, and a labor shortage has made it difficult to find workers for the task. In 2011 ...

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Featured article

FIRST Robotics Logo
FIRST Robotics Logo
The First Robotics (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) organization has created the world's leading high school robotics competition which is recognized around the world by tens of thousands of schools.

The organization created a set of robotics competitions such as the FIRST Robotics Competition, FIRST LEGO League, Junior FIRST LEGO League, and FIRST Tech Challenge competitions

One the most famous leagues is the FIRST LEGO League, in which students from all around the world compete by designing, building and programming LEGO Mindstorms NXT kits to achieve a mission which changes yearly. In 2012 the topic was: “Improve and maintain the quality of life of senior citizens” where more than 250,000 students from all around the world participated in the league.

The competitions are taking place in local levels, scaling to the national level, when every nation’s winner is competing on the international level. (once a year)

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  • ... That The Infrared spectrum includes light waves that are too low in frequency for our eyes to detect. The category of inf...
  • ... That An Ultrasonic Sensor allows the robot the ability to understand & visualize the world around it. Ultrasonic...
  • ... That A Microcontroller (MCU) is a programmable device that contains various sets of hardware elements that are int...
  • ... That An Operating System (OS) is a piece of software that manages the different types of hardware in the system. ...
  • ... That Degrees of Freedom (DoF) refers to how many "axes" of movement your robot has. A ...

Featured robot

The AIBO (Artificial intelligence roBOt, homonymous with "pal" or "partner" in Japanese: aibō (相棒)) was one of several types of robotic pets designed and manufactured by Sony.

There have been several different models since their introduction on May 11, 1999 although AIBO was discontinued in 2006.

AIBO is able to walk, "see" its environment via camera and recognize spoken commands in Spanish and English. AIBO robotic pets are considered to be Autonomous robots since they are able to learn and mature based on external stimuli from their owner, their environment and from other AIBOs. Artist Hajime Sorayama created the initial designs for the AIBO.

The original designs are part of the permanent collections of Museum of Modern Art and the Smithsonian Institution. The design won Sony and its designer Sorayama the highest design award that may be conferred by Japan. On January 26, 2006 Sony announced that it would discontinue AIBO and several other products as of March, 2006 in Sony's effort to make the company more profitable. It also stopped development of the QRIO robot. AIBO will still be supported until 2013 (ERS7 model) and AIBO technology will continue to be developed for use in other consumer products.

AIBOware (a trademark of Sony corporation) is the title given to the software the AIBO runs on its pink Memory Stick. The Life AIBOware allows the robot to be raised from pup to fully grown adult while going through various stages of development as its owner interacts with it. The Explorer AIBOware allows the owner to interact with a fully mature robot able to understand (though not necessarily willing to obey) 100 voice commands. Without the AIBOware, the AIBO will run in what is called "clinic mode" and can only perform basic actions.

Many AIBO owners enjoy teaching their pets new behaviors (or Robot Apps) by reprogramming them in Sony's special 'R-CODE' language. However, in October 2001, Sony sent a cease-and-desist notice to the webmaster of Aibopet, demanding that he stop distributing code that was retrieved by bypassing the
copy protection mechanisms of the robot. Eventually, in the face of many
outraged AIBO owners, Sony released a programmer's kit for "non-commercial" use.
The kit has now been expanded into three distinct tools: R-CODE, AIBO Remote Framework, and the OPEN-R SDK. These three tools are combined under the name AIBO Software Development Environment. All of these tools are free to download and can be used for commercial or non-commercial use (Except for the OPEN-R SDK, which is specifically for non-commercial use).

Since the first release of OPEN-R, several AIBO programming tools have been developed by university labs, including URBI, Tekkotsu, Pyro and AiBO+. The Open-R and GCC based toolchain has been updated by the community to use GCC 4.1.2, Binutils 2.17 and Newlib 2.15. The packaged version of the old and updated AIBO toolchain is available for Ubuntu in a PPA.

AIBO's complete vision system uses the SIFT algorithm, to recognise its charging station. The newest versions are equipped with a Wi-Fi connection, allowing them to send the pictures they take via email which led to the Roblog.

AIBO's sounds were programmed by Japanese DJ/avant-garde composer Nobukazu Takemura, fusing mechanic and organic concepts.

The bodies of the "3x" series (Latte and Macaron, the round-headed AIBOs released in 2001) were designed by visual artist Katsura Moshino. The aibo was mass produced by Sony.