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This robot can climb fences — and open doors
It was built to show off a mode of locomotion called direct drive, where there is no gearbox between the motors, the legs and the ground. Its bounce can be altered by software, rather than in the mechanics of the robot itself. Sounds complicated—and ...

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This is the first Adidas shoe made almost entirely by robots
Adidas' robotic shoe manufacturing plant in Germany is now up and running. The athletic footwear giant shared its first shoe made almost entirely by robots late last week, building on the company's long-term plan to add robot-staffed, custom shoemaking ...

CBS Local

MIT-Developed Robot Helps Nurses Make Decisions
CBS Local
BOSTON (CBS) – Robots in the operating room are nothing new—but now, a robot named Ginger has been specifically designed to help nurses. Kristen Jerrier works on the Labor and Delivery floor at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. She's the ...

Live Science

Deep-Diving Robots Zap, Kill Invasive Lionfish - Live Science
Live Science
The company that makes Roomba vacuums, iRobot, is creating a robot to target and kill invasive lionfish.

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Japanese Moon robot with paddle steamer wheels to record mooncasts and high-res 360-degree images of lunar surface
The Hakuto PFM3 rover robot has wheels like a paddle steamer and will record mooncasts and high-resolution, 360-degree pictures of the lunar surface. Hakuto is competing with other rovers in the Google Lunar XPrize, a competition offering $30million ...
Hakuto robot rover undergoes testing in Japan ahead of lunar travelPress TV
Moon Mission: Hakuto robot rover undergoes testing in Japan ahead of lunar travelRT

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This Investing Robot Could Juice Your Returns by 15%
"Tax drag" doesn't sound very pleasant, and it isn't. It's the friction that taxes inflict on your investment returns, robbing you of easy, risk-free additional money you could be making to live on in retirement. Why aren't you making it? Because it ...

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Nikkei Asian Review

Sharp robot gives security teams high-tech helper
Nikkei Asian Review
OSAKA -- Japan's Sharp has developed an automated security robot suitable for patrolling large spaces such as factories. The unmanned vehicle travels pre-programmed routes with the help of GPS location data at around 5km per hour, dodging obstacles ...

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A fuse is a “weak link” in a circuit that is built in to provide protection for other components within your robot. A fuse generally consists of a thin wire that is designed to melt/vaporize when a certain amount of current is passed through the fuse. Fuses are made to “blow” before any other portion of a circuit and will protect electronics from situations that could otherwise destroy sensitive parts or lead to fire.
Fuses come in all sorts of sizes, and current ratings. They are also classified by how fast they will react: slow blow, fast-blow, or time-delay. Generally the more sensitive the electronics, the faster you will want your fuse to react. To learn more about electrical fuses, take a look at the links below:

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  • ... That A Speaker works in reverse to a microphone. As a Microphone detects pressure wav...
  • ... That A CPU stands for Central Processing Unit. The CPU carries out the instructions in a program by performing basic arithmet...

Featured robot

The Sphero is a robotic ball that you control with a tilt, touch, or swing from your smartphone or tablet.

Bluetooth controlled robotic ball – 50 foot plus range.
• Multi-colored LED capable of producing thousands of colors.
• Reach speeds of up to 3 feet per second with precise control.
• Internal guidance system including gyro, Accelerometer and compass.
• Charge time: Approximately 180 minutes.
• Drive time: Over 60 minutes at full speed.