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Dyson 360 Eye robot vacuum begs you to spend $1000 on something that truly sucks
The Next Web
Let's get one thing straight about the Dyson 360 Eye: It's first and foremost a vacuum cleaner that happens to be a robot, not a robot that's a vacuum cleaner. Dyson wanted to make this point clear in our initial meeting with the company's first ...
Dyson's robot vacuum aims high, but falls short video - CNETCNET

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Robot control: There's an app for that
The researchers demonstrated the system's feasibility and ease of use by controlling "Dreamer", a humanoid robot, from afar and enabling untrained members of the general public to take immediate control of the robot and accomplish a dual-arm ...

Robot Wars 2016: How do the new house robots stack up against their predecessors?
If you watched the first episode on Sunday, you may have noticed that - while the House Robots aren't quite as cute and cuddly as they used to be - they do bear a striking resemblance to their predecessors. According to the BBC, the House Robots are ...


Build Your Own Fighting Robot Without Any Electronics Skills
With BattleBots back on TV, you've probably got a lot of armchair opinions on how to build a bot that would easily win the tournament. The only problem is your complete lack of electronics and engineering know-how. With the Ganker robot, you don't even ...

The Register

The return of (drone) robot wars: Beware of low-flying freezers
The Register
The authorities felt that while it might have been amusing to watch Amazon waste millions of its dollars on what would turn out to be effectively a fleet of robotic clay pigeons, they did not want citizens to blast drones out of the sky when legally ...

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The Verge

You can buy a sentry robot for your home
The Verge
A company called iPatrol has released a sentry robot called Riley that will cruise around your home on tank tracks with an HD camera, but without the requisite weapons to deter intruders (unless the intruder is a small animal). The tiny robot features ...
New robot designed to protect your home from intrudersYahoo Canada Finance - Insight (blog)
Roving, Night Vision-Enabled Robot Helps Protect Against BurglarsElectronics360

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Elon Musk's Gigafactory and the rise of the high-tech, robot-run smart factory
Elon Musk, as we have all been told by tech media and the genius himself, is a man with a plan. And while the public has witnessed rockets launches, Hyperloop tests, and cars that drive themselves, this week's Gigafactory opening may be one of the most ...

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Microphone sensor
Microphone sensor
A Microphone converts sound waves into analog voltage signals. As the sound waves reach the microphone, they move a small diaphragm back and forth within the device. Attached to this diaphragm is usually a piezoelectric material that generates a voltage as the diaphragm moves back and forth. This "electronic signature" of the diaphragm motion can be captured, amplified, and then replayed back through speakers to produce sound again.

Similarly, the captured electronic recording can also be analyzed by a robot for speech detection, or even detect beats to music.

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  • ... That A Joint is a flexible part of a robot that is designed to move, rotate, or translate in some way. Joints can be control...
  • ... That Hall sensor is based upon the “hall effect”, which is a way to detect the presence and intensity of a magnetic fi...
  • ... That Electricity encompasses the principle that charged particles are attracted to each other. Most of the time we ref...
  • ... That Degrees of Freedom (DoF) refers to how many "axes" of movement your robot has. A ...
  • ... That Analog Signals are used to describe voltage levels from an instrument or device that is continuous. Unlike ...

Featured robot

NAO is a humanoid robot

• Embedded Computer and WiFi included
• Vision system, voice recognition, Text to Speech and more standard
• Functional hands can pick up and grasp objects
• Only educational and research customers may purchase this product. See bottom of page for details.

The NAO Humanoid Robot from Aldebaran Robotics is a companion, assistant and research platform. If the full-size personal butler is still a vision of the future, ALDEBARAN’s robots will already provide a perfect platform to deliver a range of daily services. With 25 degrees of freedom, NAO is capable of executing a wide range of movements (walking, sitting, standing up, dancing, avoiding obstacles, kicking, seizing objects, etc.)

Equipped as standard with an embedded computer and wifi connection, NAO is fully Autonomous and can establish a secure connection to the Internet to ownload and broadcast content.

Fitted with two speakers and several microphones, NAO has a quality sound system to play music. It is equipped with a voice recognition system that locates where the sound is coming from, so that he can turn his head towards the Speaker or origin of the sound. He has a text to speech function so he can interact with its environment verbally by pronouncing any text sent to him, messages, e-mail, books, newspapers, etc.

The NAO Humanoid robot from Aldebaran Robotics has a vision system allowing him to capture and send photos, video streams, recognize colored objects, detect and recognize faces and communicate with the PC or the web (downloading files, behaviors, sending images in real time, etc.)

NAO is fully autonomous; it can find his way around a room while avoiding
obstacles. It is also capable of going alone to its recharge base when its battery is low.

Nao is being introduced on the market as the ideal introduction to robots and aspires to eventually, become an autonomous family companion. Finally, with more sophisticated functions, it will adopt a new role, assisting humans with daily tasks. Featured with an intuitive, dedicated programming interface, “Choregraphe”, and a full SDK which connects to NAOqi, the entire family will be able to enjoy the robotic experience. Full of new and advanced technology, the NAO robot will also satisfy the most demanding techno-addict’s expectations.