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A Ridiculously Cute Look Inside the First-Ever Robot Petting Zoo
So to celebrate not only the arrival of our new robot overlords, but this humble magazine's quarter century of all-around awesomeness, for our WIRED25 event in San Francisco we convened what may be the first-ever Robot Petting Zoo. Here, enthusiasts of ...

Researchers create robot suits
Yale Daily News (blog)
Yale researchers have developed a suit that can turn ordinary objects into robots capable of moving from place to place and grasping other objects. The researchers, led by professor of mechanical engineering and materials science Rebecca Kramer ...


The Case for Giving Robots an Identity
Dinkins caught the robot's stare and knew she'd found her muse. Bina48 had been conceived several years earlier by Martine Rothblatt, the polymathic entrepreneur. Rothblatt fashioned the AI-powered bot in the likeness of her wife, Bina, training its ...


Testing an undersea robot that can detect and map oil spills
These days the Coast Guard is particularly interested in testing robots that can find and track oil spills under ice. This capability will be needed as ship traffic and oil exploration expands in the Arctic Ocean. The LRAUV used in these experiments ...

Machine Design

Groundbreaking Moment as a Robot Closes the NY Stock Exchange ...
Machine Design
Last Wednesday, Oct. 17, traders on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) were treated to a first-ever experience: A collaborative robot (cobot) rang ...
Universal Robots machine becomes first robot to ring bell at New York Stock ExchangeRobotics and Automation News (press release)

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Task & Purpose

How Javelin-Armed Robots Could Render The Tank Obsolete
Task & Purpose
It's a 1.6-ton, 8-foot-long tracked robot that stands four feet tall, travels at twelve miles per hour, and can haul about a ton of cargo. The Titan can be fitted with various modules for tasks such as IED clearance, casualty evacuation, and hauling ...

Featured article

DFRobot's Tilt Sensor
DFRobot's Tilt Sensor
A Tilt Sensor or an Inclinometer, measures the angle of tilt of a robot. The output can either be an analog value representing the angle of tilt, or a digital on/off output. An analog tilt sensor would utilize and accelerometer, whereas a digital tilt "switch" would just measure if the angle of tilt was less than or greater than a certain amount.

A digital tilt sensor might consist of a pendulum that when rotated to a certain degree, triggers an output such as a reed switch or contact switch.

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  • ... That A SLAM (Simultaneous localization and mapping) is a technique used by robots and ...
  • ... That The Infrared spectrum includes light waves that are too low in frequency for our eyes to detect. The category of inf...
  • ... That Leak detectors can be used to sense when a robot might be operating in an unsafe or humid environment. If a robot commonly operates in or around water...
  • ... That A Speaker works in reverse to a microphone. As a Microphone detects pressure wav...
  • ... That 3D Vision uses two cameras placed a known distance apart to achieve what is called stereoscopic vision. Stereoscopi...

Featured robot

The Parrot ARDrone is a remote controlled Quadcopter with cameras attached to it, built by the French company Parrot.

It is designed to be controllable with smartphone.
• Constructed of high strength carbon tube and EPP foam.
• 15W brushless motors, 4 included.
• Fly indoors and outside.
• Hands-free launch and landing.
• Real-time on-screen video feed augmented reality games.
• Switchable forward and downward facing cameras.
• Stable flight maintained thanks to onboard sensors.
• Flight time up to 12 minutes.
• Top speed of up to 11 MPH.
• Range of up to 160 feet.