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Purdue using robot to digitize insect collection
WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (AP) — Purdue University's Department of Entomology is using a special robot to tackle the daunting task of digitizing the school's collection of some 2 million insect specimens. The robot, called BugEye, is an automated camera ...

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The Robot Parade and Ball takes place Saturday (Nov. 29)
The do-it-yourself Robot Parade and Ball takes place Saturday (Nov. 29) in the Bywater neighborhood. As described on the Robot Parade Facebook page: "The Robot Parade is a community event. We encourage everyone to dress in robot costume and ...
Bywater neighborhood streets to feature real, costumed robotsWDSU New Orleans

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How to draw… TiN the robot
The Guardian
Do you love robots? Chris Judge is potty about them and would love show you how to draw his robot creation TiN – so here goes! It all starts with two rectangles... Find out more about TiN in Chris Judge's new book which has a very short name. Can you ...

Robot Athletes Got Game [Video]
Scientific American
Of course “a robot that plays soccer” could mean anything from a little cube 15 centimeters high that pushes a tiny ball on a tabletop field, to supersize automatons. For holiday fun I've collected videos of humanoids as well as nonhuman-like ...

Thespian android brings life to robot on stage at Banff Centre's Convergence
The Globe and Mail
A creation of Intelligent Robotics Laboratory (IRL) at Osaka University, the life-like android can boast acting experience that includes the play Sayonara, a two-hander written for robot and human by Japanese playwright Oriza Hirata. The Sayonara role ...

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Flying Robot Waiters To Debut In Singapore
FOX News Radio
Restaurant-goers in Singapore can expect to be served by autonomous flying robots – the world's first commercial attempt – by the end of next year. Infinium-Serve, the autonomous flying robotic waiters, will be first launched at one of Timbre Group's ...
Possible treat at Timbre outlets next year: Flying robot waitersThe Straits Times
In late 2015, flying robot waiters will be a reality in SingaporeTech in Asia
Flying robot servers to raise the bar for TimbreTODAYonline

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The Engineer

Robot revolution: Humans and droids, working together
The Engineer
Baxter is just one of an army of 'robot co-workers' that are being rolled out on factory floors all over the world. These droids aim to break down the barriers between man and machine. In industry, they are already helping increase productivity and ...
Russia hosts 2014 robot, technology exhibitionPress TV
Rethink Robotics Turns Robots Into Better Co-WorkersInformationWeek

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Infrared Sensor
Infrared Sensor
The Infrared spectrum includes light waves that are too low in frequency for our eyes to detect. The category of infrared light is most popularly associated with thermal and heat signatures, however most of the everyday infrared spectrum devices we commonly use operate in the near Infrared spectrum (NIR).

Infrared sensors that detect thermal emissions are based around the mid and far infrared spectrum and are what we see in the thermal imaging and FLIR (forward looking Infrared) systems on TV. Those “thermal” types of sensors use specific materials that when exposed to heat, change voltage. These types of sensors are used most popularly in motion detection systems, however they are also used in heat-seeking devices and remote temperature monitoring systems. Infrared detection can be used on a robot to detect the presence of a human.

Near Infrared sensors are present in a lot of devices ranging from our TV remotes to our digital cameras, and do not detect thermal emissions. They can be used to send information wirelessly, or use the reflected light for edge detection as such in a roomba's cliff sensor. The light from these emitters can be directed and focused and commonly come in the form of LED’s (Light emitting diodes). Their use is very similar to a normal colored LED, except that when powered, the light is not visible to the human eye (sometimes you can see a small faint red color emanating from the LED).

The LEDs can be used for active “night vision”, where they are used to light up the surrounding area to be recorded on a digital camera. As it turns out, digital cameras will pick up light in the NIR spectrum. Many digital cameras have filters that will filter the NIR out, however without this filter, the cameras can pick up light outside the visible spectrum - and are used a lot on security monitoring systems in conjunction with these NIR light emitting diodes. Robots can use this active “night vision” to navigate in the darkness.

Single point detectors that are used to detect light are called photo-diodes. They can be made to respond to all sorts of light, however typically it is best to pick ones designed for the particular wavelength of light your emitter is transmitting on. A photo-diode will output a voltage that is proportional to the intensity of light received.

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  • ... That Grounding is used as a safety feature on some circuits and equipment to prevent the device from shocking the user. ...
  • ... That An Ultrasonic Sensor allows the robot the ability to understand & visualize the world around it. Ultrasonic...
  • ... That Ambient Light is non-directed light. Directional light is focused light, such as a flashlight or laser beam. Am...
  • ... That USB stands for Universal Serial Bus and is a standard that describes both the physical constraints of the hardware connec...
  • ... That ROS (Robotic Operating System) is a software platform used to develop robotic applications. ROS is an ...

Featured robot

The Roomba is a series of Autonomous robotic vacuum cleaners sold by iRobot.
Under normal operating conditions, it is able to navigate a living space and
common obstacles while vacuuming the floor. Several updates and new models
have since been released that allow the Roombas to better negotiate obstacles
and optimize cleaning.
Serial Port communication available also via Bluetooth and infrared
• Full control of all its motors
• Full control of all its leds.
• Full control of all its midi sounds.
• Full access to all its sensors.
• Force-seeking-dock functionality.
• Simulation of Remote Control commands.
• Sensors: bumps wheeldrops, wall, cliff, virtual wall, dirt detector, distance, angle, charging state, voltage, temperature and more...

iRobot Create is a hobbyist robot manufactured by iRobot that is based on the Roomba platform and was introduced in 2007. However, iRobot Create is explicitly designed for robotics development, rather than simply hacking the
Roomba. In place of the vacuum hardware of the Roomba, the Create includes a cargo bay which houses a 25 pin port that can be used for digital and analog
input and output. The Create also possesses a serial port through which sensor
data can be read and motor commands can be issued using the iRobot Roomba Open Interface protocol.