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Daily Mail
Samsung reveals SGR-1 robot sentry set to keep an eye on North Korea
Daily Mail
South Korean forces have installed a team of robots along the border with North Korea. The machine-gun wielding robots, built by a subsidiary of Samsung, have heat and motion detectors to identify potential targets more than 2 miles away. The SGR-1 has ...

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Dyson 360 Eye sees 70000 people sign up to join the robot revolution
The 360 Eye is Dyson's first automated floor cleaner, following in the wandering path of the Neato, Roomba and other robot vacuum cleaners. The Dyson model has a 360-degree camera and infrared sensors to detect obstacles, and it connects to an app on ...
Dyson cleans up as profits rise ahead of robot

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MIT's Cheetah robot is let off its leash, can now run and jump silently across ...
MIT's Cheetah robot has finally been let off the leash — and boy can it run. Watch as it bounds across a grass field, and even jumps over a hurdle. It isn't quite up to the evolutionary magnificence of its biological counterpart, which can hit 60 mph ...
Bound for robotic gloryMIT News
MIT Researchers Create Running, Jumping Robot
MIT's Robot Cheetah Is No Longer Bound to the TreadmillMashable
Washington Post -Singularity Hub
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Robot Frets Over Moral Puzzle, Humans Die
Discovery News
We can teach robots to do just about anything, it seems. But can we teach them moral imperatives? That's the intriguing question behind a series of experiments by robotic technicians in Britain, who devised an “ethical trap” related to sci-fi author ...

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Squishy Robot Jumps, Jumps, Jumps Around
Discovery News
We never know what it's going to be, exactly, but this robot right here is the perfect example: something crazy and innovative that also manages to push the bounds of robotics research, with the added bonus that it uses explosions to move. And it looks ...

This robotic tentacle is soft as chewing gum and could snake through pipes
Washington Post
Inspired by octopus tentacles, MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL)'s latest robot is as squishy as can be. It's a so-called "soft robot," meaning it lacks any hard mechanical pieces. In this case, the bot is made entirely of ...
MIT's tentacle robot is an expert navigator and soft as chewing gumBetaBoston
Will tomorrow's robots move like snakes?MIT News
MIT develops soft robot 'tentacle'ITProPortal
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IEEE Spectrum
Squishy Pink Robot Makes Explosive Jumps
IEEE Spectrum
Every time we show up to one of these IEEE robotics conferences, we're excited to see things that are new and amazing. We never know what it's going to be, exactly, but this robot right here is the perfect example: something crazy and innovative that ...
This Freaky 'Soft Robot' Can Survive All Sorts Of TortureHuffington Post
Harvard's fleshy 'soft robot' can survive ice, flames, impact and keep goingRaw Story
Engineers Created This Soft Pink Robot to Save You in a FireThe New Republic
Times-Mail (subscription)
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A Logic Gate is an array of components arranged inside an IC (integrated circuit) that perform some sort of Boolean logic function. Typical logic gates include an AND, OR, or NOT gate. These compare the digital voltages of their input pin(s) and output a value that corresponds to how the gate functions.
For example, let's say you have a TTL compatible AND gate that had both its inputs set to a value of 1 (a voltage equivalent to 2.2v or higher). Assuming we had positive logic (high voltage = 1, low voltage = 0) then the output of the AND gate would produce a high voltage (output = 1). If you removed the voltage off of one of the input pins, the output would reflect the change and output a 0 (low voltage = 0). The data arranged from each gate can be arranged in what is called a truth table. Truth tables are a way of visually displaying logic functionality in a concise fashion. Other logic gates can include NAND, NOR, XOR, and XNOR functions as well.

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  • ... That A Force Sensor resistor (FSR) is a special material that changes resistance with the application of force. Forc...
  • ... That Battery Life of a robot can be dependent on a lot of factors. To name a few, the battery age, amount of charge ...

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AISoy1 is the first of a new kind of personal robots that will enrich our leisure time. They are a new Artificial intelligence form of life, emotional and social, for everyone.

AISoy1 can be autonomous, thanks to AIRos, and also run complex botapps that take advantage of all of its software and hardware power.