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HitchBOT, the hitchhiking robot, gets beheaded in Philadelphia
Frauke Zeller, one of hitchBOT's creators, said the robot's "family" was disappointed in the incident. HitchBOT -- which consisted of bits of technology (including a GPS and a movable arm) and odds and ends such as Wellington boots and gardening gloves ...
Hitchhiking Robot, Safe in Several Countries, Meets Its End in PhiladelphiaNew York Times
Traveling Canadian robot destroyed in
Hitchhiking robot's cross-country journey comes to tragic end in PhiladelphiaWashington Post
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What a (Robot) Girl Wants
Anxiety about robots — specifically, robots so close in design to humans that it might be hard to differentiate flesh from metal — has reached a fever pitch in Hollywood with the introduction of not one, but two humanoid species on both the big and ...

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Destroying a robot is like destroying a rowboat
Washington Post
A hitchhiking robot was just destroyed by vandals outside Philadelphia, after it had survived Germany, Netherlands and Canada — you know, the countries filled with nice people. Many news outlets have covered this, as an odd and somewhat lighthearted ...

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Bug Bots! These Insect-Inspired Robots Can Jump on Water
Live Science
Swarms of robots inspired by water-hopping insects could one day be used for surveillance, search-and-rescue missions and environmental monitoring, researchers say. More than 1,200 species of animals have evolved the ability to walk on water. These ...
Insect robots: Itsy-bitsy robotic pests walk and jump on

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Dash the Robot creates buzz at Crowne Plaza San Jose-Silicon Valley in Milpitas
The newest staff member at a South Bay hotel is so hard-working he never sleeps and doesn't ask for tips. This hotel helper is creating a lot of buzz and a few beeps as well. He might take you by surprise. And without a doubt, you'll have questions.

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Wearable Lego Exoskeleton Controls a Robot
By Jenna PitcherDesigner Daniele Benedettelli has developed a system where he can remotely control humanoid robot Cyclops MK II using an exoskeleton of Lego. Benedettelli began the project in 2011 and has made overhauls to the robot's design over ...
Lego exosuit used to control a robotGeek

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GE atomic swimmer robot keeps tabs on nuclear reactors
The GE Hitachi Stinger is designed to simplify the whole inspection task by replacing the team and the bridge with a free-swimming robot that looks a bit like a gigantic mechanical seahorse. Instead of using a rail or a track, the robot swims about ...

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Microsoft's Kinect
Microsoft's Kinect
3D Vision uses two cameras placed a known distance apart to achieve what is called stereoscopic vision. Stereoscopic vision is a concept that humans utilize everyday.

Humans have two eyes spaced a set distance apart. When we focus on an object our brain is fed two images from slightly different vantage points. Similarly, robots that use stereoscopic vision must have two cameras - to simulate our eyes. If a robot with stereoscopic vision looks at an object, it must take note of the object's focal location in each camera. Once it finds the location of the object, it can then determine the angle of offset each camera sees and through trigonometry figure out how far away the object is. We perform these calculations unconsciously, however when programming a robot, it is a lot more complex than we think.

Microsoft's Kinect although does not have a set of cameras, and although not designed for stereoscopic vision, is a very popular 3D or depth sensor. The depth sensor consists of an Infrared laser projector combined with a monochrome CMOS sensor, which captures video data in 3D under any Ambient Light conditions. The sensing range of the depth sensor is adjustable, and the Kinect software is capable of automatically calibrating the sensor based on gameplay and the player's physical environment, accommodating for the presence of furniture or other obstacles.

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  • ... That USB stands for Universal Serial Bus and is a standard that describes both the physical constraints of the hardware connec...
  • ... That The Roomba family supports Roomba SCI (Serial Command Interface) as an interface to re...
  • ... That A Microcontroller (MCU) is a programmable device that contains various sets of hardware elements that are int...
  • ... That A Microphone converts sound waves into analog voltage signals. As the sound waves reach the microphone, they move...

Featured robot

LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT better than ever: new models, more customisable programming and all-new technologies! MINDSTORMS NXT 2.0 combines the versatility of the LEGO building system with all-new technologies, an intelligent microcomputer brick and intuitive drag-and-drop programming software. The new 2.0 toolkit features everything you need to create your first robot in 30 minutes and then thousands of other robotics inventions that do what you want!
LEGO Mindstorms is a line of Lego Group products combining programmable bricks with electric motors, sensors, Lego bricks, and Lego Technic pieces (such as gears, axles, beams, and pneumatic parts) to build robots and other automated or interactive systems.
LEGO Mindstorms can be consired toys and/or educational microworlds to learn computer programming.

Orgininally, this product has been co-developped with the Epistemology and Learning Group of MIT Media Lab. Since collaboration has ended, this research group renamed to Lifelong Kindergarden worked on other systems, e.g. Crickets (marketed by another company)

LEGO sells different variants of this product: RCX and the recent NXT
For each LEGO provides software (programming languages), but there are numerous other ones that one can use instead.