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New York Times
Building a Robot With Human Touch
New York Times
Since the first robotic arm was designed at the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory in the 1960s, robots have learned to perform repetitive factory work, but they can barely open a door, pick themselves up if they fall, pull a coin out of a ...
We need more of the touchy, feely,

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International Business Times UK
SoftBank to Sell Robot in U.S. Stores Within 12 Months
Pepper was initially developed by SoftBank subsidiary Aldebaran Robotics SA. The robot operating system, which isn't currently used by Pepper, was developed by its Asratec Corp. division. The businesses continue to operate as separate units of SoftBank.
Humanoid robots named 'Pepper' will be on sale next year in the
Robot to hit US stores within yearTaipei Times
SoftBank to Sell World's First Humanoid Robot 'Pepper' in US Next YearInternational Business Times UK
Norman Transcript
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Feeling Inefficient? A Robot Boss Could Help
Prepare to laugh at all your robot boss's jokes. A new study by MIT has found that not only are workers willing to allow robots to give commands, but that they prefer robot orders to those of humans. "Our findings showed that our subjects strongly ...
'Robot overlords': Coming our way soon?CNBC

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Doctor Who TV (blog)
Robot of Sherwood Pics
Doctor Who TV (blog)
The robot's face looks similar to the Sandminer-robots in Robots of Death, which is yet another thing that makes the current season feel so Classic-y. :). The Lazy Cat Of Sherwood 5pts. Looking at these promo pictures (though granted this particular ...

CBS Local
Robot Accompanies Gov. Snyder On Annual Walk Across Mackinac Bridge
CBS Local
MACKINAC BRIDGE (WWJ) — Tens of thousands of people have taken part in the Labor Day walk across the Mackinac Bridge — and they were joined by one robot. Governor Snyder led the annual trek across the 5-mile-long bridge. He walked with a robot ...
Robot joins governor for Mackinac Bridge WalkLansing State Journal
Armada students and their robot ready to walk Mackinac BridgeThe Macomb Daily
Robot joins Snyder for Mackinac Bridge
Chicago Sun-Times
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Robot toy invasion: Tech fuels the latest toys
Poughkeepsie Journal
And in many cases, the lines are blurring between playing and programming — whether it's LEGO Mindstorms with “on-brick programming,” Sphero 2.0's Macrolab app with code you can share among friends, or the Moss robot construction kit. Here's a look at ...

Tweets As Tips: Robot Butler Delivers Room Service
For mass market adoption of robotics outside of service robots like iRobot iRobot's Roomba or a telepresence robot, the robot needs to remove any fear of renegade AI taking over or taking our jobs. What better way to expedite robotic adoption than to ...
World's first robot butler one of service industry tech innovationsCCTV-America

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NASA's Curiosity, an autonomous vehicle sent to Mars.
NASA's Curiosity, an autonomous vehicle sent to Mars.
An Autonomous robot refers to one in which it is able to make complex decisions without human input. The level of autonomy a robot has will be dependent upon the sensors, mechanics, and software complexity in the device.

Robotic autonomy can range in large degrees. The more autonomous a robot is - generally means the software running the robot must increase in complexity. Engineers have spent decades trying to improve levels of robotic autonomy in hopes that one day robots might be able to interact and perform tasks similar to humans, however fully autonomous systems have failed time and time again when used outside of a controlled environment.

Software is responsible to how and why a robot will react to its environment - and thus, advances in autonomy will most likely come at the software level.

A fully autonomous robot has the ability to
1. Gain information about the environment (Rule #1)
2. Work for an extended period without human intervention (Rule #2)
3. Move either all or part of itself throughout its operating environment without human assistance (Rule #3)
4. Avoid situations that are harmful to people, property, or itself unless those are part of its design specifications (Rule #4)

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Featured robot

LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT better than ever: new models, more customisable programming and all-new technologies! MINDSTORMS NXT 2.0 combines the versatility of the LEGO building system with all-new technologies, an intelligent microcomputer brick and intuitive drag-and-drop programming software. The new 2.0 toolkit features everything you need to create your first robot in 30 minutes and then thousands of other robotics inventions that do what you want!
LEGO Mindstorms is a line of Lego Group products combining programmable bricks with electric motors, sensors, Lego bricks, and Lego Technic pieces (such as gears, axles, beams, and pneumatic parts) to build robots and other automated or interactive systems.
LEGO Mindstorms can be consired toys and/or educational microworlds to learn computer programming.

Orgininally, this product has been co-developped with the Epistemology and Learning Group of MIT Media Lab. Since collaboration has ended, this research group renamed to Lifelong Kindergarden worked on other systems, e.g. Crickets (marketed by another company)

LEGO sells different variants of this product: RCX and the recent NXT
For each LEGO provides software (programming languages), but there are numerous other ones that one can use instead.