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Ivan the Terminator: Russia Is Showing Off Its New Robot Soldier
Russia is touting its Iron Man — a humanoid military robot — in the new global arms race that has sprung up over high-tech weaponry. "The development of a special military robot is one of the priorities of military construction in Russia," the ...

Fox News

Swallow this robot: Foldable droid could mend stomachs
Fox News
There likely aren't many occasions when you'd want to swallow a tiny robot. But what if such an ingestible bot could be put to work inside your body, targeting a foreign object or patching up an internal wound, before decomposing without a trace? A ...
Origami Robot Could Mend Stomachs From WithinUbergizmo

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Scientific American

Battling Bots Get Pushy at 10th Annual Sumo Robot Match
Scientific American
[Brian Cusack:] The objective of the competition is for the robot to autonomously push the other robot out of the ring. The type of robot that usually wins is the robot that malfunctions the least. [Text on Screen:] Navigation was the downfall of these ...
Autonomous robots throw down in the sumo ringArs Technica

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Bring your own robot
Increasingly capable algorithms and robots are starting to perform tasks that previously required college degrees to tackle, like determining how an insurance policy should be priced, or what medical diagnosis best matches an unusual set of symptoms, ...


Looking for Eric: The mysterious death and rebirth of Britain's first robot
Eric, Britain's first humanoid robot. Image: Keystone-France/Getty Images. Eric, the first British robot, was a sensation in the 1920s, delivering speeches and firing sparks out of his mouth. And now, decades after he vanished, London's Science Museum ...

New York Daily News

Samsung, Apple supplier replaces 60000 people with robot workers
New York Daily News
Foxconn, supplier for tech giants Apple and Samsung, reportedly replaced 60,000 factory workers with robots. The replacement is part of an ongoing process of automating many of the manufacturing tasks associated with Foxconn's operations. "We are ...
iPhone builder Foxconn just replaced 60000 employees with robotsDigital Trends
Your next iPhone could be built by robot
China's Robotics Revolution: Apple Supplier Foxconn Replaces 60000 Workers At One Factory Alone, Report SaysInternational Business Times
The New Paper -BBC News -MarketWatch
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Will Pizza Hut soon be run by robots?
Pizza Hut YUM, -0.18% is the latest company to try a robot cashier, in a partnership with robotics company SoftBank Robotics and MasterCard MA, -0.07% , which has created the payment app. The application works only with MasterCard's MasterPass, ...
Pizza Hut rolling out robot servers in JapanFox News
Pizza Hut hires ROBOT waiters to take orders and process payments at its fast-food
SoftBank's Pepper robot gets a job: Waiting tables at Pizza HutCNBC
Daily Mail -Forbes -The Register
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An Interrupt is a term that is used to describe an interruption of normal code execution needing immediate attention. An interrupt can be triggered via a piece of hardware (input pin), or it can exist in software such as a timer interrupt. An interrupt allows the software code to jump into a special routine that can quickly address a function that might otherwise not commonly occur or doesn't happen with any regularity. An example of a use of an interrupt is when a robot is handling a button input. Using an interrupt for a button trigger can be more efficient than polling the input pin and wasting valuable processing time.

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  • ... That A Joint is a flexible part of a robot that is designed to move, rotate, or translate in some way. Joints can be control...
  • ... That A Resolution refers to the amount of information that can be encoded in a piece of information. Often this is use...
  • ... That Leak detectors can be used to sense when a robot might be operating in an unsafe or humid environment. If a robot commonly operates in or around water...
  • ... That Bluetooth is a wireless data transfer network that is primarily used for wireless mobile devices. Bluetooth, just ...
  • ... That A Speaker works in reverse to a microphone. As a Microphone detects pressure wav...

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AISoy1 is the first of a new kind of personal robots that will enrich our leisure time. They are a new Artificial intelligence form of life, emotional and social, for everyone.

AISoy1 can be autonomous, thanks to AIRos, and also run complex botapps that take advantage of all of its software and hardware power.