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What is an app for robots?

Robots are computers with mobility or specific movement functionality in our real world. In addition robots are equipped with many sensors that can measure the robot’s space in many ways. As such they can be programmed to perform many tasks, from simple object grasping to complicated tasks like cooking, babysitting, navigating, or even playing soccer.

Robot App Store encourages creative software developers to create their own software for robots that will add new and fresh functionality to existing robots.

Typical applications might be a simple piece of code (functions for example) that others can include in their projects, all-the-way to binary files that can be uploaded to the user’s robot, and perform the behaviors as defined by the developer.

Robot App Store categorizes robots' applications in two ways: by a robot type and by the categories.

Below you can find a list of examples for apps that extends the functionality of robots:


Navigation, Domestic search engine, Email reader, Social network connector, Cloths folding, Cooking, Keys Locator (home search engine), Virtual teacher, Personal secretary, Remote control, Dancing, Media Player, virtual friend, board game player, Medicine reminders, monitor baby breathing, elderly assistant


Walk the kid to school, Never miss your kid’s birthday!, Grocery shopping remotely, Share music / games from another location, Help sick people participating in family events.


Navigation, in-home objects transferring, Collaborative tasks, Bring objects from high places, Media player, darts games player, Call for help from outside world


Patrol the house, monitor the babysitter, Share security events with your friends.


New templates / fonts / signs / furniture / guitars etc.


Vacuum cleaners new tricks, Connection between Kinect and other robots, Interoperability between robots

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