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Prepare app for submission

Getting your app ready

Before you start to package your app for submission, make sure you take care of some key considerations to ensure your users have the best experience possible. These considerations fall generally into two categories: performance and usability. To make sure you have built a high-performing app, test your application on all relevant robots, testing on generic simulators is not acceptable.


Most robots are designed to work autonomously, you must build your application considering this important behavior, as power consumption due to high CPU usage can cause the customer’s robots to consume all energy faster than expected.
In addition, most robots have slower CPU comparing to current desktops/laptops and much less RAM and disk space than you can find in today’s computers. Since robots are multifunction devices you have to remember that your app is not the only one that will run on the robot, so ensure that the resources consumption is the minimal possible.


The second key consideration to ensure you have a great app is usability. There are many similarities as well as differences between building an app for desktop and a robot. The similarity includes a clear user-interface with fallback menus or options. For example if a robot did not understand a command, you have to offer the user some help with the commands. Another similarity is the use of try-catch blocks for scenarios like internet connection, or any other resource that might be unavailable. The differences include moving in the real world, you cannot keep walking if the foot contact with the ground is lost, or you cannot move the robot’s arm without considering other robot’s body parts location.

Remember: building a well-performing app that provides a great experience to your users, ensures high ranking to your app, and better sales figures on Robot App Store.

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