Robot App Store Developer Program


Developer Resources

Uploading applications

Once you've registered, it's easy to upload your application to Robot App Store. From the home screen of your account, select "Upload Apps." You'll be asked to fill in the following information for your app:


In order to upload or update an app, Every developer has to provide the following list of content items:
  1.  App title which must be unique across Robot App Store
  2.  The app code or executable files that will be deployed on the robot
  3.  A video showing the robot executing the application. (will be available for every user)
  4.  At least 3 images 380 X 255 pixels and 3 thumbnails 80 X 62 of these images. (same for the video)
  5.  App description – a description of the application, what it does and how to interact with it.
  6.  Installation instructions:
    a.  Describe the app code / executable that is delivered
    b.  Full instructions how to deploy the app on the robot. (from connecting the robot to executing it.
    c.  Upgrade instructions. (where applicable)
    d.  Removal instructions
  7.  Requirements – what the user must have in order to execute the app
    a.  Software – describe all software needed, on a desktop, mobile or the robot itself.
    b.  Hardware – the robot version, any peripheral or external hardware like extension cards/sensors.
    c.  Other requirements – like: not working under fluorescent light etc.
  8.  The price of the app(*) from the list of app prices.

Failing to provide all the required details will result in slower approval process, and even rejection of the app for distribution.

* Please note that the price can be modified automatically by Robot App Store algorithms to achieve higher sales volumes.

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