Robot App Store Developer Program


Developer Resources

Managing your apps on Robot App Store

Once your app was uploaded to the Robot App Store you can take the following actions:

1. Take the app offline

Taking the application offline means that it will be removed from the Robot App Store pages, search results and any direct link to the application will generate an error message.

2. Upload a new version of the app

Uploading a new version of the app is allowed to fix bugs, add enhancements to the app, or supporting a newer robot version. Once a new version of your app approved and available on the Robot App Store, the users that already purchased it will be invited to download the it and upgrade their current version.

3. Change the app texts such as description, requirements and removal instructions

Please be aware that every time you update your app, all the users who downloaded the app already will get an email with the relevant changes. So please be cautious about your changes, and make sure you deliver the best content to your users.

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