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How to Horizontally Calibrate AR.Drone

  By Anna Sandler

Make sure you are familiar with "How to program AR.Drone remotely over WIFI" chapter before you continue to this tutorial.

AT*FTRIM command

This command is used to calibrate AR.Drone’s horizontal plane while the drone is still on a horizontal ground.

Make sure you calibrate the horizontal plane after each drone start up; otherwise Ar.Drone won’t be able to stabilize itself when flying.


AT*FTRIM=[Sequence number ] <LF>


  • Sequence number- 1 if it is a first command, or sequence number value of previous command + 1.


The following UDP packet sends AT*FTRIM command for horizontal calibration.
Make sure the drone sits on a horizontal ground.

The UDP packet that is sent to AR.Drone is:

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