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Operating System
Width: 39.5cm / 15.6in
Height: 18.9cm / 7.44in
Length: 9.9cm / 3in.
Weight: 1.7kg / 3.5lb.
C, C++

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Robot Description

Do-it-yourself Educational Robot Kit, which includes everything you need for making robots. Design, build and program your own walk of life!

Bioloid includes gyro sensor, DMS sensor, and multi-channel wireless expendable remote controller. (Based on Premium Kit) Please make sure that it is easy to insert and take out the batteries; the cables are arranged safely; it has outstanding compatibility.

RoboPlus(exclusive robot software)and C Language Solution
RoboPlus is an icon-type, C language-based, and easy-to-use software for users who do not understand computer program languages. The motions and behaviors of robots can be programmed and managed with the software.
The users can learn the structure and the grammar of C language eventually while using RoboPlus.
In addition, various C language program examples are provided for experts.

Types of Bioloid Kits:
Bioloid Premium Kit: Is the upgraded and latest version of Bioloid Comprehensive Kit
Bioloid Comprehensive Kit: The users can build 26 types of robots, from a simple crossing gate robot to spider and humanoid robots and program the examples so that they can learn more about robot programming. (It includes the contents of Bioloid Beginner Kit)
Bioloid Beginner Kit: The users can build and operate 14 types of robots so that they can learn more about robot programming.