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Robot Page: Karotz

Aldebaran Robotics
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Operating System
Width: 23cm / 8in.
Weight: 413gr / 0.8lb.

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Robot Description

Karotz is the third generation Nabaztag, and first to be released since the Mindscape purchase. Like its predecessors, Karotz will connects to the Internet using Wifi and has RFID reading capability. Additionally, it includes an integrated web cam, a USB port (which can be used for power as well as connectivity), and 256MB of onboard storage. Karotz was released in April 2011

Out of the box, karotz is 23 cm in height and weighs 418 g. It can send and receive MP3s and messages that are read out loud as well as perform the following services (by either speaking the information out loud or using indicative lights): weather forecast, stock market report, news headlines, alarm clock, e-mail alerts, RSS-Feeds, MP3-Streams and others.

karotz owners can join social networks to share photos and videos on websites like Flickr and YouTube. Users can create podcasts (dubbed Nabcasts by Violet). There are currently over 100 of these available, mostly in English and French, created by different users on a variety of topics.

Since karotz can be programmed to provide new services using an API as stated above, there are dozens of services available to date from other users, including a Dashboard widget and a lottery alarm