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  • iRobot - Roomba 4XX
  • iRobot - Dirt Dog
  • iRobot - Roomba 5XX
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Robot App™ Description

Do you have Roomba, the vacuum cleaner and an Android smart phone?
Why not driving your pets crazy by driving your Roomba?
Use this cool app to disturb your pets, ask for sweets from the person in the kitchen (no one can resist to a cute Roomba with a note) or whatever is on your mind.

Drive carfully!
If you lose control on your Roomba- just turn it off or lift it up!

Enjoy! :)

Installation Instructions

Delivered as:

Install this app on your Android smart phone.


Robot App Requirements


Android 2.3.3 or higher

1. iRobot Roomba series 400 and up, with firmware 2.1 and up.
    Every robot purchased after October 2005 should have this firmware installed.
2. or iRobot Create
3. Bluetooth for Roomba - RooTooth
Other requirements:

Make sure that:
1. Your Roomba is fully charged (disconnect the charging station from Roomba);
2. Roomba is turned ON;
3. Bluetooth device is connected into Roomba serial port;
4. Your Android phone support bluetooth and wifi connections;

Usage Instructions

Use bluetooth device (like RooTooth) to connect the app to your Roomba;
Turn the vacuum cleaner ON;
Press the connect button, choose the bluetooth device and we are set to go!
Press the Play button and let the game begin!
Use the joystick on your right to control Roomba direction, use other cool buttons on the left and discover what they are used for (during the drive)!
If you are crazy enough to drive your Roomba into the wall (its bumper is pressed), we've developed a safety net for crazy people like you!
You have two choices:
Remove the wall from Roomba's way,
or drive backwards to release the driving lock.

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