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Pleo Skit- The Fair Dinkum Aussie Joe Blow!Robot-App Page

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  • Innvo-Labs - PLEO Classic
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Robot App™ Description

Developer: InmemoryofRomeo

Pleo sings a bunch of Australian classics in response to a touch on each sensor. Another early skit whipped up in a few hours for Australia day.

Installation Instructions

Delivered as:

Unzip the file(s);
Copy the file(s) to the root directory of an SD card;
Turn off your Pleo;
Put the SD card in your pleo's slot;
Turn on your pleo.
Your pleo will then run the skit.


Removal Instructions

Turn your pleo off;
Remove the card;
Turn your pleo back on; Pleo will be back to normal!

Robot App Requirements



Computer with Card Reader
SD card
Other requirements:

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