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  • Innvo-Labs - PLEO RB
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Robot App™ Description

ChangeRB is a personality app similar to ProbeRB, but lets you change the properties directly.
ChangeRB changes the property file stored inside your Pleo. The chances of corruption are slim, but to be safe, make a backup of the "pm_props.bak" file onto your computer. You can get this file after running 'statsRB' or 'ProbeRB' or ChangeRB for the first time.

Developer: PleoPet

Installation Instructions

Delivered as:

Please start with Pleo ProbeRB app.

Please follow the instructions for ProbeRB first, and run it on your PleoRB.
It will test out your micro-SD card and give you a general overview of ChangeRB. ChangeRB is a super-set of ProbeRB.

On your computer: (do this once)
* Be sure you have installed and run ProbeRB at least once.
* Take the micro-SD card you used for ProbeRB and insert it into the card reader on your computer.
* Insert the micro-SD card into the card reader on your computer
* Drag the "pm_props.bak" file from the micro-SD disk and save it somewhere on your computer. This is the heart-and-soul of your Pleo's personality. You should never need it, since you can reverse any changes made with ChangeRB, but keeping a backup is a good idea.
* Delete the "ProbeRB.urf" file from the micro-SD disk.
* Download this file
* Unzip it and place the personality file at the root (top-most) folder of the micro-SD card
* Remove the micro-SD card from the card reader (If your computer complains, do it again but stop the micro-SD drive before removing it)
This micro-SD card now has the ChangeRB personality on it. If you insert the micro-SD card inside Pleo it will run the ChangeRB personality. It speaks in English, barely moves, and does not grunt. If you don't use the micro-SD inside Pleo, it will run the default personality (sometimes called PLEOPM). It moves, grunts, acts like a dinosaur and does not speak English.


Robot App Requirements


Windows PC

Only use with PleoRB (any model: Green, Blue or Pink). Do not use on older Pleo models.
SD card;
In addition, you will need two of the toys that came with the PleoRB. The Mint Leaf is needed to change the health/mood of PleoRB. The ID card is needed to change the DNA.
Other requirements:

This is an advanced process - following instructions at your own risk!

Usage Instructions

Instructions - Running ChangeRB on your PleoRB (do this as often as you like)
ADVICE: Before running ChangeRB, be sure you have recently played with your PleoRB. If it has been inactive, play with it normally first (with no SD card).
Feed it. Then press and hold the power button to turn it off like normal.
ChangeRB will warn if you haven't played with PleoRB today.
Then try ChangeRB (see following instructions) and it will report on the moods and health of the most recent Pleo interactions, and let you change them.

With your PleoRB:
* Remove the PleoRB battery and carefully insert the micro-SD card inside the battery compartment under your PleoRB. The card will only go in one way. The micro-SD card label should be facing you.
* Insert the battery and press the power on button. The green LED should turn on.
* IMPORTANT: keep Pleo laying on its side.
* Wait until PleoRB wakes up and starts talking to you ("Welcome to ChangeRB version ...). This is the Change interface. You press the buttons on the bottom of PleoRB's feet to do things. It is the same as ProbeRB but with one extra foot.

Just like ProbeRB:
* If you press Pleo's head/chin it will speak the instructions. * If you press Pleo's front left paw (the one with the serial number), it will describe Pleo's health and moods. * The health and mood report (front left paw) is one you should use often. If it says "pleo is in bad shape", then you need to improve the health/mood/feed level of your Pleo before. It will say "warning" for the properties that are too low. These can be changed directly.
* If you press Pleo's front right paw, it will describe Pleo's growth status.
* If you press Pleo's rear left paw, it will describe Pleo's DNA settings.

New to ChangeRB: Changing Health and Mood (Mint Leaf Required)
* Press Pleo's right rear paw. It will ask you to insert either the Mint Leaf or the ID card. Place the mint leaf in Pleo's mouth. Leave it in his mouth for the entire procedure.
* After instructions, it will tell you about each of the health and mood properties, starting with 'mood'.
* After it speaks the current value, you can:
 o Press the UP foot pad (Pleo's front left) to increase the value. If Pleo says "WARNING", you should increase the value until it stops warning you.
 o Press the DOWN foot pad (Pleo's rear left) to decrease the value.
 o Once you are happy with the value, press the GOTO NEXT foot pad (Pleo's front right)
* Keep advancing through the properties pressing GOTO NEXT and change the values you like.
* When done, Pleo will say "to save, press both rear feet within 10 seconds."
* Press both rear feet at the same time and the changes will be made.
* You can turn off your Pleo or continue to make other changes.

More tips for changing values:
* Most values are in the range 0 to 100%. Each change will be by 20%.
* For more precise control, hold Pleo's tail and the change will be 1%.
* Not all properties work best at 100%. Experiment.
* The injury property is how badly Pleo is injured. If injured, press the Down foot pad until the injury is healed.

New to ChangeRB: Changing Pleo's DNA (ID card required)

* The same procedure can be used to change Pleo's DNA.
* Press Pleo's right rear paw. It will ask you to insert either the Mint Leaf or the ID card. This time insert the ID card.
* Pleo will allow you to change most of the DNA values. Press the UP foot to make the DNA value go up, press DOWN to make it go down. Press GOTO NEXT to go to the next DNA value.
* Values choices are normally High, Normal, or Low.
* The DNA gender can not be changed with ChangeRB.
* Experiment with different combinations.
* Some DNA values are not currently used by the default personality.

When done with ChangeRB, go back to normal:
* When done making changes, simply press the power button (no need to hold it).
* Wait until Pleo shuts down and the green LED turns off.
* Remove the PleoRB battery and carefully remove the micro-SD card.
* You can return the battery and use PleoRB normally.

You can repeat this process again-and-again to check on the progress of your Pleo. See the ProbeRB page for a short cut to avoid excessive micro-SD swapping.

Experimental ChangeRB features (other toys required)
* There are two experimental features. If you want to experiment with them, press Pleo's right rear paw, but insert a different RFID toy. The procedure is the same as the others, but the property values are different.
* If you insert the tug-of-war toy, you can change the obedience level. Currently there are only two usual settings, Normal and Perfect. A normal Pleo will ignore you 50% of the time. A perfect Pleo will not ignore you and perform 100% of the time. If the current health, mood or feed levels are too low, Pleo will ignore you regardless.
* If you insert the Rock Salt, you can change the internal RTC clock. This gives you more control over Pleo's internal clock than the noon button on his foot. You can set the current time and date (down to the minute).

NOTE: if you change the RTC value, Pleo will normally drop down to a low feed level. It will treat the change as you not playing with Pleo for a long time. Play with him normally for a short while, then run ChangeRB again to update any low mood and health values that make him "in bad shape".

NOTE: changing the RTC has other ramifications in the evolution of your PleoRB's personality. Advanced experimentation only. Use at your own risk.

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