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DogsLife RCODE Personality (ERS-210)Robot-App Page

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  • Sony - AIBO ERS-210
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Robot App™ Description

DogsLife is an AIBO personality duplicating (and occasionally improving upon) Hello-Aibo.

He has moods and interests/dislikes in various different things. There are good behaviors and a few bad ones. DogsLife is male or female (depending on attention) and skewed to doggish whims -- mainly fun doggish whims, from a dogs standpoint.

DogsLife loves to play soccer, and needs little help keeping track of the ball on carpet. On hard floors, he can hit the ball a little -too- well and send it out of range. I'm working on it....

DogsLife loves to explore! He will roam far & wide. He can get into and out of tight spaces. There are just so many interesting things to see, sniff, dig, etc....

DogsLife can self-dock when hungry! If visible, he will approach the charger and mount it by himself.

This robot-app is for ERS-210 Only!
We have other versions that supports ERS-220 and ERS-310.

Installation Instructions

Delivered as:
Memory Stick Image for ERS-210

Unzip the downloaded ZIP file to a memory stick.

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Robot App Requirements


Winzip or any other software to unzip the downloaded file.

PC or Mac with card reader.
Other requirements:

Good mood to play with your robotic dog!

Usage Instructions

It implements hundreds of performances from Hello Aibo, and over 200 new custom ones composed specifically for DogsLife. There are many little behaviors hidden away also. For example, try petting him on the back a lot, or teasing him with the ball (hold it above his head).

A full description of the games can be found on:

A full list of voice commands can be found here: Voice Commands.

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