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RooTooth device
RooTooth device
A RooTooth is a solution developed for controlling the Roomba family robots, wirelessly. The RooTooth communicates with any Bluetooth enabled device, and with the Roomba using the Serial Command Interface (SCI). Using the Rootooth one can control the Roomba robot remotely, all SCI commands like waking up (changing mode), starting to clean, and driving can are supported. Control is enabled from any smartphone or computer, as long as it is Bluetooth enabled.

The name (RooTooth) is derived from a combination of Roomba (Roo) and Bluetooth (Tooth). The Rootooth requires that the SCI (serial command interface) has been installed on your Roomba. SCI has been installed on all Roombas manufactured after October 24th, 2005. Please verify that your Roomba is compatible.

The Rootooth is configured to 57,600bps by default, to work at the Roomba's default communication rate, but it can be changed as described in this article.

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