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LEGO NXT PlaySoundFile Returns 0xC0 error


PlaySoundFile command (0x02) is not working, and I keep getting the 0xC0 error as a command status in the reply message.

How to make LEGO NXT to play a sound file?


There are several possible reasons for the Out of Range 0xC0 error message when playing a sound file:
  • Wrong loop argument- loop argument can only be 0x00 for playing once or 0x01 for loop;
  • Wrong file name argument- missing NULL terminator byte (0x00) at the end or the length of the file name, including the NULL byte, is not exactly 20 bytes;
  • Sound file doesn’t exist.

In order to play a sound file correctly, make sure that:
  • The volume in the NXT brick is set to more than 0;
  • The loop argument value is 0x00 for playing once or 0x01 for loop;
  • The file name should be an existing RSO file on NXT’s brick flash memory;
  • The name of the sound file is exactly 19 characters and 0x00 byte as NULL terminator. In case the file name is less than 19 characters, add 0x00 byte for each missing character. The bytes of file name and type characters should be ASCII encoded.

The syntax of the PlaySoundFile command is:
[0x17] [0x00] [0x00 or 0x80] [0x02] [0x00 or 0x01] [fileName.rso]

For more information about this command and its arguments check the How to make LEGO NXT to play a sound tutorial.

For more error codes and their explanation, check the what is a NXT Bluetooth telegram tutorial.
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