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LEGO NXT Cannot Synchronize All the Motors


I am trying to synchronize all the three motors of my LEGO NXT 2.0 using the SetOutputState command.

I’ve sent the following command:
0x0C 0x00 0x00 0x04 0x0FF 0x32 0x05 0x02 0x00 0x20 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00

All the motors are running, but it seems that they are not synchronized.


Only two motors can be synchronized.

In case you’ve set all the three motors to be synchronized, the synchronization regulation of the third motor, the motor that is connected to the C port, will be ignored.

In generally, in order to successfully synchronize two motors, make sure that:
  • Both motors have the Motor mode byte set to regulated either 0x05 for Motor ON + Regulated, or 0x07for Motor ON+ Regulated + Break;
  • Both motors have the Regulation motor byte set to 0x02 for motor synchronization;
  • Both motors have the Running state set to 0x20 as running;
  • Both motors set the motor power set point to 75% (0x4B) or higher or -75% (0xB5) or lower;

The syntax of the SetOutputState command is:
[0x0C] [0x00] [0x00 or 0x80] [0x04] [0x00-0x02 or 0xFF Motor output port] [Motor power set point] [Motor mode byte] [Regulation mode] [Turn ratio] [Run state] [Tacho limit LSB] […] […] [Tach limit MSB]

For more information about this command and its arguments check the How to Control Lego NXT Motors tutorial.

For more information about the usages of this command check the How to make LEGO NXT drive tutorial.
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