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LEGO NXT Cannot Play a Tone


I am trying to play a tone using the PlayTone command (0x03).
I’ve checked the syntax of the command, and it seems correct.
What am I missing?


There are several possible reasons that the PlayTone commands are being ignored:
  • Wrong command arguments- The frequency and duration are constructed from 2 bytes each. Low byte should come first.
  • The volume on the NXT’s brick is set to 0;

In order to play a tone correctly, make sure that:
  • The volume in the NXT brick is set to more than 0;
  • The volume in the NXT brick is set to more than 0;
  • The frequency argument is at range of 200-1400 rounded, and its low byte is sent first;
  • The duration argument is represented as milliseconds, make sure its minimum value is 50, and its low byte is sent first;

For more information check the high-low bytes calculation at the Robopedia.

The syntax of the PlayTone command is:
[0x06] [0x00] [0x00 or 0x80] [0x03] [Frequency byte LSB] [Frequency byte MSB] [Duration byte LSB] [Duration byte MSB]

For more information about this command and its arguments check the How to make LEGO NXT to play a sound tutorial
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