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Current Flow Sensor

AcuAMP Current flow sensor
AcuAMP Current flow sensor
Current Flow Sensor used to detect internal problems, or regulate the electronic mechanisms inside a robot and/or control system. Monitoring current flow is essential in battery charging and discharging circuits to make sure everything is operating at a safe level. Current monitoring can also be used to determine the efficiency of your drive-train system, detect wheel slippage, and even rough force estimations. What’s nice about current flow sensing is that this process can be integrated into a circuit board, and does not need to placed “on site” such as a force transducer.

Current sensing can be accomplished various ways, but usually it is done with a current-sensing resistor (very low resistance) placed in series of the load. As current travels through the resistor to the load, a measurement of the voltage drop over the resistor is taken, and from that - the current traveling to the load can be determined via Ohm's Law (V=I*R).

Additionally, current sensing coils, called inductive current sensors can be used to detect the power transmission through a wire. The coil is placed around a wire that you wish to detect the current in. As current is passed through this wire, it induces a current in the coil. Based on this “induced current”, one can determine the current in the main wire. Typically these type of devices are used for investigational troubleshooting and can be bulky.

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