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A Sensor

Lego Mindstorms Color Sensor
Lego Mindstorms Color Sensor
A Sensor is a device that measures a physical quality and transfers it into a form of information that can be read by another instrument or controlling device. Sensors that robots use transfer information about the world around them into electronic signals. These electronic signals are fed into the CPU or Microcontroller of a robotic system.

The information that sensors return to the controller is called feedback and is used by the robot to make decisions about its own condition as well as the world around it. Humans also have sensors, such as stereoscopic vision and touch that allow us to better understand the world around us.

Sensors allow robots to detect the different changes in the environment, which without that ability, robotics would not be as exciting of a field as it is today. To learn more about sensors, take a look at the links below:

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