Robot App Store Developer Program


Developer Resources

Collecting revenues

How will I get my money?

While registering as a developer you will be asked to give us a beneficiary account that matches your details. We will transfer your revenues to this account one the approval process will be completed, as follows:

When the money will be transferred?

A monthly report will be emailed to your email address and will be available on your portal at the first day of every month, summarizing your apps purchases during the month before the previous month. You have two weeks to request clarifications for the report.

If no request arrives from you, the revenues will be sent to your beneficiary account within 30 days from the report date.

To better understand the timeline, please review the following example:

1. On July 1st, you receive an email summarizing purchases made between May 1st and May 31st.
2. If you have questions or clarifications requests, you have until July 14th to send it to Robot App Store.
Beyond this date, the report will be considered as approved, and money transfer process will be issued. You will be able to see the money in your beneficiary account by July 31st.

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