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  • Orbotix - Sphero
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Robot App™ Description

This is the main app for Sphero and is required to make sure you are always using the latest firmware.

Familiarize yourself with Sphero’s personality, give Sphero commands and gain access to basic Sphero driving functions. See where you stand on leaderboards and achievements. Even discover new apps as they roll in.

Easy to use voice commands to control Sphero.
Introduce yourself to Sphero World with leaderboards and achievements.
Basic Sphero Drive functionality.
Basic Sphero Draw N’ Drive functionality.
Simple 2-finger gesture to adjust Sphero’s heading.
Change Sphero to thousands of different colors.
Provides access to Sphero firmware updates.

Installation Instructions

Delivered as:

Download the app, and run it on your android-based martphone.


Robot App Requirements


Android:2.2 and up

Sphero - the robotic ball
Android phone or tablet
Other requirements:

A cat to play with!

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