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Robot App™ Description

This app enables changing the brightness of Rovio camera in a more wider range and activate the NightView mode, so your Rovio camera will see more detail even in darkness. The contrast can be adjusted as well through this hack.

Based on the great work of Gandalf

Developer: Reborn

Installation Instructions

Delivered as:

1. Exact the zip file to your local disk.
2. Open the roviocam.html in IE. Remember to click the "allow blocked content..." as it uses javascripts.
3. Open your Rovio client to connect to your Rovio. Remember how the video is. Is it too dark?
4. Input your Rovio web server domain/IP/port in RovioBrighter.
5. Input the value of brightness/contrast/nightview as you want. If you use it for the fist time, just use the default.
6. Click "update". Wait for several seconds.
7. See the effect in your Rovio client or web. How is it? Is it much brighter and sharper?
8. Don't change the brightness via your Rovio client again

Have fun!


Robot App Requirements


PC with Windows XP/Vista
Browser IE/Firefox
Rovio firmware 5.03

Other requirements:

Wifi network

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