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Rovio BlackBerry Client: BBRovio AlphaRobot-App Page

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  • WowWee - Rovio
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Robot App™ Description

Blackberry Rovio Client app
Blackberry COD and JAD files

Developer: bbrovio

Installation Instructions

Delivered as:

1) Extract the archive to a webserver
2) edit the .jad file to update the URL to the code files
eg add your info to the RIM-COD-URL and RIM-COD-URL-1
3) Add a link from your site to the JAD file
4) Navigate your BB browser to the link and install


Robot App Requirements


sprint 8830, OS 4.5 but should be fine on curve, pearl and 4.3 OS.

Blackberry OS 4.3 + device
Other requirements:

Web server to download the extraced files from
Wifi network

Usage Instructions

1) Menu->Settings..-> EDIT YOUR ROVIO URL, MENU->Close
2) From the main screen, EDIT->Start Video
3) Commands:
Rot Left: h
FWD: j
Rot Right:l
Go Home: p
Head Up: q
Head Mid: a
Head Dwn: z
Space: update image

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