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Robot App™ Description

RovioAutoBot (Java Based) application for controlling Rovio.

- Full navigation in all directions using the UI or keystrokes.
The keystrokes related to each movement are indicated by the relevant tooltip that appears when hovering over the buttons.

- Set the speed of the movement (including turning speed).
Using the mousewheel while moving/turning (either with keystrokes or mouse presses) adjusts the corresponding speed.

- Moving of camera head
Includes the 3 fixed positions plus the step by step movement.
Using just the mousewheel (no keystrokes or mouse button pressed) moves the camera head step by step.

- Push To Talk
Keeping press the Push to Talk button records any incoming sound (depends how your system is configured in terms of sound input) and sends it to Rovio.

- Play incoming sound from Rovio
Requires the installation of VLC.
Note for Windows users:
Add --dummy-quiet after the VLC Full path and file, to hide the DOS prompt that appears.

Developer: Chris Stavrou

Installation Instructions

Delivered as:
Executable (Java)

- Extract the zip file to a specific directory (assuming [installation dir]).
Remember when extracting to include all the directories included in the zip file.

- Run from the command prompt:
java -jar rovioautobot.jar [ini file to use]
where [ini file to use] is the ini file containing the setup parameters to be used. Leaving this blank will force the use of the [installation dir]/rovioautobot.ini.


Robot App Requirements


Any platform that is supported by Java.
Java runtime

Any platform that is supported by Java.
Other requirements:

Wireless network

Usage Instructions

- After executing, the main user interface should appear, you may now click on the Setup Button to continue with the setup.
- The setup form will appear providing information on the options.
- The options can be saved on the currently loaded ini file or to a new ini file.

Notes: - The use of the Old JPEG Decodec provides more FPS but as it is deprecated it might not work in all systems.

C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\VLC.exe --dummy-quiet

- Plays predefined sounds when:
> User selects a sound to play manually taken from a specific directory ([installation dir]/sounds/fixed)
> Based on specified events taken from a specific directory ([installation dir]/sounds/onevents). The assigment of sounds is done through the setup form.

- Control the next settings of the Rovio device:
Frame Rate
Extended Brightness/Contrast/AGC/Min Frame Rate for low light conditions
Speaker Volume
Mic Volume
Turn on/Off IR Detector
Turn on/Off IR Light

- Set predefined commands to Rovio:
Set the Home Position
Go Home
Reset the Navigation State
Reboot Rovio

- Enable Motion Detection
If motion is detected, the action specified in setup will be executed. It supports sending email with attachement the captured avi (with the local client) or sending email from Rovio itself (attachement is a picture).

- Capture Video
Captures in avi format the web cam output (no sound).

- Camera output is resized based on the window size
Double clicking on the camera area will set the size of the camera area to 640x480

- UI customization in terms of icons
The icons shown can be customized as they are read from specific directories: [installation dir]/images/indicators directory contains the icons for the indicators [installation dir]/images/movement directory contains the icons for the movement/turning

- Capture in avi format (Video only, no sound).
- Play incoming sound from Rovio (Requires installation of the VLC)
- Motion Detection with the possibility of sending email (local client or Rovio itself).
- Possibility to save the setting in a different file.
- Added brightness and contrast hacks which are accessible after pressing the B & C button.

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