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  • iRobot - Roomba 4XX
  • iRobot - Roomba 5XX
  • iRobot - Roomba 7XX
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Robot App™ Description

Turn your Android smartphone into a steering wheel that controls Roomba, the vacuum cleaner.

Installation Instructions

Delivered as:

Install this app on your Android smart phone.


Robot App Requirements


Android 2.3.3 or higher

1. iRobot Roomba series 400 and up, with firmware 2.1 and up.
Every robot purchased after October 2005 should have this firmware installed.
2. or iRobot Create
3. Bluetooth for Roomba - RooTooth
Other requirements:

Make sure that:
1. Your Roomba is fully charged (disconnect the charging station from Roomba);
2. Roomba is turned ON;
3. Bluetooth's device is connected into Roomba serial port;
4. Your Android phone support Bluetooth, WiFi, accelerometer and compass sensors;

Usage Instructions

Setting up Roomba:
1. Locate the serial port under the top cover by removing the dust bin, and raising the top cover.
(see video on app details page on Google Play).
2. Connect the Bluetooth device to the serial port on the Roomba.
(If you don't have one yet - check the RooTooth link on app details page).
3. Turn on the robot.
4. Make sure Roomba in not charging, and it's battery is full.
5. You are done!

Connecting the app to your robot:
1. On the main screen of the Android app– click the “Connect” button.
If the Bluetooth icon is red– the robot is not connected.
If the Bluetooth icon is blue– the robot is connected.
2. Select the robot from the list of available Bluetooth devices.
Note: It Depends on your Bluetooth device manufacturer,
the name of the Bluetooth may be something like “Wifly-0134” or “BT-34F31S” or “FireFly-110E”.
if you are not sure, try to connect to all available devices one by one.
3. When the connection is successful – the Bluetooth icon will turn blue, and the button will be disabled.

Driving your Roomba
1. Click on the big Play button on the left side of the main screen.
2. To steer the robot, hold your Android device as a wheel and tilt the android right / left back/ forward, while the “Press and Tilt” button is pressed.
The robot will follow the same direction.
3. The robot will drive as long as you hold the “Press and Tilt” button.
To stop the robot from driving– just raise your finger.
Please note: the directions are always relative to Roomba's front.
4. Clicking on the lightning button on the left side while the robot moving will give you a boost of speed of up to five seconds.
5. Clicking on the loudspeaker button will play a short “beep” sound– so you can warn nearby people, or scare your pet.
6. Roomba will stop driving if one of the cliff sensors detects danger, or if the bumper hit something on the way. If you are crazy enough to drive Roomba into the wall, your driving license will be taken from you until you remove the wall from Roomba's way, or you drive the Roomba backward :)
7. In case Bluetooth connection is lost, the robot will not be stopped – you might need to turn it off manually. (appropriate message will be shown).

If you lose control on your robot- just turn it off!

Have fun!

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