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  • Romotive - Romo
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Robot App™ Description

Ever wish you can be two places at once? Now you can with a Romotive robot and RomoRemote.

RomoRemote turns your Romotive robot into awesome spy robot!

The app allows you to see from the robot's perspective and control the robot with a second smartphone device!
You can even send short audio clips from one device to another.
You can be in one place and send the robot in to monitor or patrol the premises of another place!
The app works over Wifi.

Installation Instructions

Delivered as:

Download the app to your Android based smartphone, and doc it on you Romo robot!


Robot App Requirements


Android 2.2 and up. Romo robot by Romotive.

Android based device. (smartphone, not a tablet) - Two devices if you want to have remote control.
Romo robot.
WIFI network
Other requirements:

Playful spirit!

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