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Relevant Robots:
  • iRobot - Roomba 4XX
  • iRobot - Dirt Dog
  • iRobot - Create
  • iRobot - Roomba 5XX
  • iRobot - Roomba 7XX
Pavel D
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Robot App™ Description

Have you ever lost your Roomba while it was cleaning the house? No more Hide and Seek with your Roomba! When running this app - just click the "Dock" button on your computer, and your Roomba will show up near its base!

Control your Roomba from a desktop app. Make it: clean, spot, stop and dock.

This 2.0 version contains the following improvements:
• Added support for Roomba 5XX and 7XX series;
• Roomba is now back to its normal state (ready to clean) when the app is ended;
• Roomba stops movement when the window is closed;
• More improvements to make your experience better;

Notice- if Roomba loses connection with your Bluetooth, just pick Roomba up to stop its movement, and restart the app;

Installation Instructions

Delivered as:

1. Download the app by clicking the Download Button above.
2. Run the app on your computer.
3. Enjoy!


Robot App Requirements


The downloaded robot-app file will run only on Windows operating system (XP, Win 2000, Vista, 2008 Server, or Win7).
Microsoft .NET framework 4.0

1. iRobot Roomba series 400 and up, with firmware 2.1 and up.
    Every robot purchased after October 2005 should have this firmware installed.
2. or iRobot Create
3. Roomba to USB cable from iRobot or;
4. Bluetooth for Roomba - RooTooth
Other requirements:

Usage Instructions

This app gives you full control over Roomba's main functions.
Running these commands are just like pressing the buttons on the robot itself.

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