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  • WowWee - RS Media
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Robot App™ Description

Developers: Helibot and Jamie Kugelmann

The RS Media Development Kit is another system that is far more technical and geared towards those with previous Linux experience, or those that want to get their feet wet in the very technical aspects of the RS Media robot.

Allows access to RSMedia's Linux console via the USB cable. Updated version includes improved instructions, moved rsupdateapp to a rsupdate directory, and also changed the device driver name to "RS Media USB Console". You'll have to uninstall the old version and install the new driver for this to be shown.

* Cross-Tool Compiler Package:
Compile C programs that run on the RS Media Robot, even linking to the soft-float libraries. This package can be installed on nearly any Linux distribution. It includes the compiler and sources, sample source code to test the compiler, installation script, sample robot BodyCon script, GPL License and instructions. Credit: Helibot.

*USB Serial Console Package:
No hardware hack needed! Access your RS Media's Linux system, run commands and scripts, browse files all via USB Port! This package is GPL Licensed and contains the LibUSB driver customized for the RS Media Robot, Robot USB Console Linux Module, BodyCon and rsupdateapp files, Windows USB to Robot Bridge, Windows Desktop Icon and instructions for installation and use. Your robot does not need to come with the USBNet feature in order to use this package! This should work on nearly any RS Media Robot. For the Windows part, you need a telnet program (TerraTerm is supported), and Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista. Credit: Helibot.

* Serial Port Networking:
Run a web server and telnet server via the serial port on your robot! Require the serial port hardware hack and a robot with version 2 firmware. Credit: Helibot.

*Text to Speech:
Get your robot to say anything using a text-to-speech engine! No more canned phrases. This package is GPL Licensed and includes all you need to get started. Right now, it requires use of the USB Serial Console but you can also use this to integrate into your own robot programs. Works with the cross-tool compiler in Linux. Credit: Helibot.

* RS Media Alarm Clock:
Have your RS Media keep track of time and even do whatever you command him to do at a specific time. This is a software clock and so it will need to be reset if you turn the robot off. This package is GPL Licensed and full source code included. Credit: Helibot.

* RSM CopyBot:
Software that allows your RS Media to use his on-board cameras to track your movements, and then copy them! The idea came from a YouTube Video where someone had done this. Helibot then programmed this in C (not Java) in a new way so as to give us some room for further development into other areas! Credit: Helibot.

* Graphical Menu Programming (GDI):
Source code and demonstration on how to program your own graphical menus for the robot which you can navigate via remote. This package is GPL Licensed and works with the cross-tool compiler in RSM Dev Kit 1.5 or highter. Credit: Helibot.

* Firmware Dump Script:
Dump the entire contents of the RS Media Robot onto files on your robot's SD card where you can transfer them to your PC and archive them as a backup. This package also includes a script which you can run on any Linux system to mount the files so you can browse the RS Media's directories on your PC instead of the robot (though you can not run any of the programs/scripts). Very handy for developers! This package is also Open Source GPL. Credit: Nocturnal and Helibot.

* V1 (no USBNet) to V2 (USBNet) Firmware Upgrade Package:
This package lets you upgrade your robot's firmware. This upgrades from a V1 Firmware (which does not have the USBNet feature) to a late-model V2 Robot (which includes the USBNet feature). Also note that we are not talking RoboSapien V1 or RoboSpien V2. V1 and V2 refer to the version of software in the RS Media Firmware. Parts of this package is Open Source GPL and/or provided by WowWee Robotics. Credit: WowWee Robotics, Nocturnal and Helibot.

WARNING: Upgrading or changing the firmware will void any warranty on the robot!

* RS Media Robot Linux Sources
Full Linux Kernel and other sources for the RS Media Robot's hardware. Credit: WowWee Robotics. Note that they no longer provide these sources so we are providing them here as a resource for developers since they are legally distributable due to the fact WowWee has licensed these sources as GPL.

* FreeScale MX1 Board Support Package and Sources
There is also a document that you can download that tells you how to obtain the Board Support source code and package for the MX1 board (which is the board the RS Media Uses). This is a HUGE file (over 400 MB) so a link to it is given. This may also be of value to developers.

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# Windows 2000/XP/Vista
# Your favorite Linux distribution
# Adobe Acrobat Reader may be needed to read some included documenation.

RS Media Robot
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