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  • WowWee - RS Media
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Robot App™ Description

Developer: Helibot

This is a fun app to allow RSMedia to copy your arm movements. When you raise your arm he will raise his arm, when you lower your arm he will lower his arm.
The app uses RS Media IR sensors to detect when your arms are raised.

Installation Instructions

Delivered as:

Place the file /Personality/RSMedia/Macros/CONANIM01/ into your robot's Personality's Macros/CONANIM01 directory.
Copy the files from /Application directory to the SD card /Application directory. Boot the robot and make sure you have selected the personality that contains the bodycon you used in step 1.

Ensure that Control mode is set and that Eyes are ON.
Finially activate the body con using L & R & Select keys (hold them all together).


Robot App Requirements



SD Card
RS Media Robot
Other requirements:

Usage Instructions

Finish installation instructions - After few seconds you should see:

The top row shows the data from the IR sensors
It can show the letters “C R M L”
When R is showing the robot is detecting something on his right side.
When L is showing the robot is detecting something on his left side.
When M is shown the robot is detecting something in the middle. (Usually it has to be quite close & low and the object has to be quite reflective)
When C is shown the robot is detecting something very close. (Usually a hand or object right in front of his face)

The second row shows which buttons are pressed on the robot (His hand buttons work, but the feet buttons don’t work properly yet)

The third row shows what buttons are pressed on the remote. (Most buttons work OK, but combinations of the L and R button on the side and top buttons aren’t yet decoded. The right pad arrow buttons will still move his head.)

The fourth area shows “Copybot On” when he is in copying mode.

Press the select key to turn “Copybot” mode on and off.
Press the ‘Z’ remote key to exit

So once you have it setup and running I suggest to turn “Copybot” mode off (by pressing Select key) then have a bit of a practice with your hands to find the best hand positions and movements.
I found the best way is to put him on a table, sit at the table, put both arms straight out. Your arms should be just under his eye height. Put your hands up like making a stop signal. Both L& R letters should be shown. Now drop your left hand flat and hopefully the L will disappear. Repeat for the right.
You want to practice making the L & R symbols appear and disappear as you move your hands or arms.

After a litte experimenting you should find a strategy and position that lets you make the L & R appear at will.

Now press the Select key again (LCD should show “Copybot is On”) and you should now be able to make the robot copy your arm movement, put you arms/hands up and he will do the same!!

Have fun. HINTS If you stand/sit too close then your body will trigger the sensors and the L & R will always be shown. If you wear a dark colored T-shirt/jumper it seems to work better. You can try lifting your whole arm up and down, or you can leave your arms out and just lift your hands up and down. The “Copybot” mode waits for the L & R signal to stay on or off for ~ 1-2 seconds before it moves the arm, so practice make the R & L stay on without flashing. NOTES When you press the remotes stop button , it will show “stop” on the LCD, but no more commands will be processed for about 10 seconds. This is normal and controlled by the robot board, so we cant change this behavior. When you press the remotes right pad arrow keys it will move his head. This is normal and controlled by the robot board, so we cant change this behavior. Since we have stopped all the Wowwee robot programs then no other functions will work (eg change mode, change personality other bodycons etc) If you have the USBConsole or serial console then if you start copybot program from /Application/ from the command line, then you can use ‘0’,’1’,’2’,’3’ keys to change the amount of debug messages output. ‘Q’ key will quit the copybot program. I think that’s about it….hope you enjoy it.

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