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Robot App™ Description

Developer: Helibot

This program adds a digital clock and alarm clock functionality to the RSMedia robot. Once running a digital clock is displayed on RSMedia's LCD display. Two alarms can be configured by editing a configuration file. When an alarm occurs the robot can be configured to play a sound/music/video file, play a default or user body con or more!!

The source code for the program is included so anyone can also modify, improve, experiment and learn how to program RSMedia.

Installation Instructions

Delivered as:
Code / Executable

If you want a quick demo of the clock & alarms (without setting up alarms or time) - then try this quickstart.( If you run into problems then please read the detailed instructions below.)
Copy the files from /bin to a SDCard directory /Personalties/xxxx/Macros/CONANIM05
Boot RSMedia with the SD card installed.


Robot App Requirements


There are two ways to run the program – by a Bodycon or by command line (using USB console or serial console).

SD Card
RS Media Robot
Other requirements:

Usage Instructions

Boot RSMedia with the SD card installed.
Change to the Perosnality used for step 1.
Change to Media Mode
Press L+R+c to run the bodycon which will run the rsmalarmclock program
You should see a digital clock appear on RSMedias LCD.
If you wait for the time 12:02 then an alarm will tirgger (it will play a default song from RSMedia)
If you wait for the time 12:04 then an alarm will trigger (it will play the default introduction bodycon)
If you press the select key on the remote you will enter time setting mode.(See Setting the time for instructions)
If you press 'a' on the remote the clock will exit.

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