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Robot App™ Description

Developer: Jamie

Custom rs media personality called 'ModBot' which basically allows any user of a rs media to use some 'mods' I have included a Clock, the USBnet mod and my own mod which allows a user of a older model of the rs media to run custom / unsigned Java games.

Installation Instructions

Delivered as:



Robot App Requirements

Please make sure you download this file: otherwise you won't get the TeraTerm & USBnet mod features.

Windows XP / Vista.
RS Media with SD Card;
SD Card
Other requirements:

Usage Instructions

How to use the included 'mods' USBnet mod (By Helibot): Media Mode ---> Personality ---> Auditions ---> Bodycon 1 Clock (By Helibot): Media Mode ---> Personality ---> Auditions ---> Bodycon 2 Custom Java Game Loader (By Me): Media Mode ---> Personality ---> Auditions ---> Bodycon 3 Instructions for the 'USBnet' mod and TeraTerm are in the 'README_NOW.txt' file inside the USBnet_for_pc directory (having extracted the file).

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