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Robot App™ Description

Developer: Arturo Bajuelos

This app uses Qbo's nose signals to verify if a spotted Qbo is a reflection in the mirror

The ROS node implemented in this package can be used by a Qbo robot to differentiate its mirror's reflection from another Qbo robot identical to himself.
This is accomplished by emitting a random generated sequence of binary nose signals, which are detected by the robot's camera. If the emitted and received nose signals don't correspond, then it is obvious that the Qbo robot is seing another Qbo robot.

Installation Instructions

Delivered as:

ROS Package

Download and build the stack and its dependencies:
git clone
rosmake --rosdep-install qbo_self_recognizer


Robot App Requirements


Hardware: Robot
Mirror or another Robot
Other requirements:

Internet Connection

Usage Instructions

To run the qbo_detector_node simply use the following command:
rosrun qbo_self_recognizer qbo_detector_node

Then, you can call the service whenever you like, by using the following command:
rosservice call qbo_self_recognizer/recognize
and see what the node returns.

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