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Robot App™ Description

Developer: Arturo Bajuelos

this app uses hand gesture recognition to control a music player.

This packages contains the implementation of 3 nodes:
■ hand_gesture_calib - used to calibrate hand gesture which will correspond to commands to the music player, such as play, stop, next song, previous song, volume up and volume down.
■ hand_gesture_node - this node must be run after a calibration of the hand gestures. It subscribes to the object topic of qbo_stereo_selector node, and publishes the recognized gestures, according to a previous calibration.
■ music_master - this node controls the music player (XMMS2) according to the hand gestures published by the hand_gesture_node

Installation Instructions

Delivered as:

ROS Package

Download the code and compile it:
git clone
rosmake --rosdep-install qbo_music_player


Robot App Requirements


Hardware: Robot
Other requirements:

Network connection

Usage Instructions

Calibrate hand gestures:
To calibrate the hand gestures you must connect the monitor and the keyboard to Qbo. As an alternative, you can also start a ssh session into the robot and activating the windows mode (-X), though this is not very recommended

You can then execute the hand_gesture_calib.launch file located in the package's launch folder:
roslaunch qbo_music_player hand_gesture_calib.launch

Follow the instructions of the node and wait till all classifiers are fully trained. You can change the values of the parameters defined in:

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