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Robot App™ Description

Developer: Sergio Merino

Robot App for speech recognition for

Installation Instructions

Delivered as:

ROS Package

In the config directory we can find 3 importants directories:
■ bin: In this directory will be placed a binary file that is used to compile the grammars and a python library to control de grammar files.
■ AM: In this directory are placed the acoustic model files. For each language there is a subdirectory. This files are created from the voxforge project. These files should not be modified if you don't know how the acoustic model works.
■ LM: In this directory are placed the language model files. For each language there is a subdirectory and for each grammar . For each language there are a “sentence.conf” file that is editable from the users. The others files are created by compiling the grammar.


Robot App Requirements


Hardware: robot
Other requirements:

Network connection

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