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Robot App™ Description

Developer: Arturo Bajuelos

This robot app let learn and recognizes faces.

The qbo_face_recognition package is part of the qbo_face_vision stack, and contains an implementation of node that learns and recognizes a face. It also contains another node used for “demo” purposes, in which one can ask the robot to identify or learn the face he is detecting via voice commands.

Installation Instructions

Delivered as:

ROS Package

You can download the [qbo_face_vision]. Then, simply build the stack and its dependencies:

git clone
rosmake --rosdep-install qbo_face_vision


Robot App Requirements


Hardware: Robot
Other requirements:

Internet connection

Usage Instructions

Run qbo_face_recognition node You can either run qbo_face_recognition node directly: rosrun qbo_face_recognition qbo_face_recognition Or use the launcher “qbo_face_recognition.launch” located in “launch/” folder, in which you can set the values to the parameters: roslaunch qbo_face_recognition qbo_face_recognition.launch

Run the face recognition demo Running the face recognition demo can be more user friendly, if you want to interact naturally and intuitively with qbo_face_recognition node. If you want to launch all the necessary nodes to run this demo, you can use the launcher “qbo_face_recognition_demo.launch” located in the “launch” folder: roslaunch qbo_face_recognition qbo_face_recognition_demo.launch

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