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Robot App™ Description

YAPT is a simple app for creating very simple entertainment personalities for Pleo.
YAPT is not a replacement for more powerful Pawn programming tools by UGOBE.
YAPT is used to define or modify the behavior logic of the personality. YAPT does not create or modify resources like sounds or motions, but exploits the resources from an existing personality.

YAPT can be used with pre-existing personalities like Babe (the tutorial), Holiday Pleo (Xmas songs) or PleoPM (the default personality). YAPT can also be used with MySkit created motions.

First work through the YAPT tutorial below using the Babe sample personality. Many thanks to DogsBody for the MySkit tool and the P3D simulator included with YAPT.

Developer: PleoPet

Installation Instructions

Delivered as:

Before running YAPT, install and run the demo Babe personality.
This will ensure your SD card is fast enough to run the personality, and give you a general idea of how the Babe personality will react in response to touching its sensors.

If you haven't already downloaded and run Babe, click here to download.
If you recently upgraded to the 1.1 firmware, be sure you have the 1.1 version of Babe.


Robot App Requirements


PC running Windows OS

* A Pleo robot. (NOT PleoRB!) and Either the (1.0.2) or (1.1) firmware will work with the Babe personality.
* A Pleo compatible SD card with at least 8MB free.
* SD card reader attached to a Windows PC (USB 2.0 speed recommended but not critical)
* A Windows PC to run the customization program (YAPT.EXE and P3D.EXE)
Other requirements:

Be responsible, running it at your own risk!

Usage Instructions

Starting YAPT
* When you are bored with the current Babe behavior, change it!
* Turn off the robot (switch on bottom) and remove the SD card.
* Insert the SD card into the SD card reader of your Windows PC.
* If it doesn't pop up immediately, open the topmost folder of the SD card.

.Y and .URF filenames are different with 1.1 version
* Double-click on the YAPT.EXE program.
* If YAPT doesn't automatically open up with the main selector screen, double click on "babe11.y" file.
* YAPT should open up with the main selector screen.

How to edit behavior. Steps: (mini-tutorial)

* Step#1: First select a condition ("When Pleo feels this"). You can press the "+" and "-" buttons to expand the categories.
For example, expand the "Body" category by pressing the "+" button. Then select "Head Tap".
* Step#2: There are 3 reaction boxes. When you select a condition, it will show you the current reactions.
For the mini-tutorial we will focus on the top reaction box. When Pleo detects a "Head Tap" it will perform the motion "misc_owww". Babe will cry "oww" and move a little.
* Step#3: you can delete the current behavior by pressing the top "Delete" button. Don't do that now.
* Step#4: press the top "Add" button. This will bring up a list of available motions. Double click on one you like, for example "long_bigbuttheads".
See below for more options and tips.

* Normally you will repeat this process to add more actions and customize more conditions.
* When you are done, press the "Save program to SD card" button on the bottom. Then press "OK".
* If necessary 'stop' the SD card (required for some computers) and remove the SD card from the SD card reader and insert in Pleo SD slot.
* Test it on Pleo. Try tapping Pleo's head and it should say "oww" followed by the new actions you added.

* NOTE: YAPT personalities will only do one thing at a time. If it is reacting to a head tap, it will ignore other input until it is done performing the skit, and then it will wait for new input.
* TIP: For each condition, there are up to 3 reaction boxes ("Pleo does this", "or this", "or this"). Start with the first one. Empty boxes are ignored. If there are 2 or 3 boxes with actions in them, Pleo will pick one box at random. All the actions in a box are played in order, without interruption.
* TIP: Each reaction box will hold at most 6 actions. A technical and practical limit. Try to keep most reactions relatively short. Pleo ignores new input when performing all the actions in the reaction box.

Adding Actions
There are YAPT features to help you decide which actions to use. If you select a sound or motion and press the "Preview" button, it will run P3D (thanks to DogsBody) that will perform the sound/motion on your PC.

* TIP: when selecting/previewing actions, you can double click an action to quickly add it. If the "Auto Preview" checkbox is checked, a single click will preview it (if you like it, double click to add it).
* Action Categories include:
o Sounds - sounds specific to the personality (eg: Babe sound files). Sounds are audio only.
o Motions - motions specific to the personality (eg: motions that perform with Babe sounds). Motions typically include built-in sounds.
o Sound Library - generic sounds similar to the default personality
o Motion Library - generic motions similar to the default personality
o Commands or Command Library - animation 'commands'. Advanced.

To start with, try to use "Motions" or "Motion Library" actions instead.

Other Tips
TIP: Mac/Linux etc
The editing tools (YAPT.exe and P3D.exe) are Windows programs. If you want to run them under other operating systems, look for a Windows emulator (eg: Virtual PC under MacOS or WINE and variants under Linux). In general having a dual-boot Windows machine is recommended.

TIP: Starting YAPT taking too long?
For convenience and simplicity the Pleo personality and the editing tools (YAPT.exe and P3D.exe) are stored in same folder on the SD card. Running programs from the SD card may be slow depending on your hardware. Also if your SD card is too small and you can't fit the programs on the SD card.
To fix this, move the two .EXE files (YAPT.EXE and PLEO3D.EXE) to somewhere on your harddrive. Leave PLEO.URF and PLEO.Y on the SD card (in the top-most folder). You can run YAPT.EXE from the hard drive, and when it asks, open the "PLEO.Y" file on the SD card (in the top-most folder). This should be much faster.

Advanced YAPT Tips
The following is for for Pleo firmware 1.0.2 Only The following applies to the 1.0.2 firmware only. 1.1 compatible versions may be updated in the future.

Using with MySkit
Described in the MySkit tutorial. Please use the stand-alone install for use with MySkit or other existing PLEO.URF files. (YAPT is the same as the Babe tutorial, but with helper .AMX files and an empty PLEO.Y file).
Typically you should use the skits listed in the "Motions" category. They will perform the motions you edited with MySkit along with any associated sound. If you pick from the "Sounds" category, it will play the sound only (no motion).

Advanced: Using YAPT on other personalities You can use YAPT (and the 2 YAPT .AMX modules) to customize other personalites. This includes the official UGOBE personalities (Holiday Pleo, Default personality) as well as personalities created with PleSkit. Please look at this advanced tutorial page for details.

Advanced: Using library animation 'commands'
For now pick items from the 'Motion Library' with similar names.

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