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Pleo Disable 'Scared of the Dark' FeatureRobot-App Page

Relevant Robots:
  • Innvo-Labs - PLEO RB
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Robot App™ Description

Is your Pleo robot miserable and whingeing?
This app will help you to turn off the 'scared of the dark' behaviour.

Developer: PleoPet

Installation Instructions

Delivered as:

Save it to your computer then extract the files onto a blank micro SD card and run your Pleo RB as usual.
It's like a skit or personality in that it will only work while the card is in the Pleo RB, and when you remove the card the Pleo RB will be as before.


Removal Instructions

remove the micro SD card from Pleo

Robot App Requirements


Computer capable of coping files to the micro SD card.

Micro SD card
Other requirements:

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