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Karotz RSS Reader Sports- Google NewsRobot-App Page

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  • Aldebaran Robotics - KAROTZ
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Robot App™ Description

Karotz lets you follow the "Sports - Google News" RSS feeds thanks to this application.
Developer: Karotz...Violet

Installation Instructions

Delivered as:

This app is hosted on website.
1. Click the Download button above, Login to (Or create an account and configure your KAROTZ if you haven't done it so far...Then, click the Download button again.)

2. On Karotz website, press the download button and configure the scheduler or other activation method.


Robot App Requirements


Internet browser
Username and Password to Karotz website.
Internet connection configured on your KAROTZ.

Other requirements:

Internet connection

Usage Instructions

To launch this application, press the Karotz button and say "Sports - Google News" when its light turns orange. Note: Once the RSS feed has been launched, you can go to the next item by pressing once on Karotz's button. Choose the type of activation (besides voice command) by ticking the appropriate box: - Manual activation allows you to link a Flatnanoz or Nanoztag to the application. Each time you swipe a pre-programmed Flatnanoz or Nanoztag in front of Karotz's nose, it will launch its linked application. - Permanent activation allows you to launch the application as often as you choose (click on preferred frequency). - Scheduled activation allows you to launch the application via a calendar: you choose the date and time.

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