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  • Sony - AIBO ERS-31X
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Robot App™ Description

The LM Dance Party robot app (AKA Hula AIBO) is another of Genie's Master Studio creations.

It is specifically designed for the AIBO ERS-31X robots, to show off their unique motions and unique body structure.

This is a voice activated program. There are four dances on the stick. The music is included and will play from AIBO's speaker.

Installation Instructions

Delivered as:
Memory stick image.

1. Put an available PMS stick into your computer's stick reader.
2. Select any folders you see at the root of the stick (usually OPEN-R and CUSTOM) and delete them. Do not format the stick.
3. extract the RCodePlus runtime - RCode Plus 2.52 'A' (31x) from the downloaded file.
4. Unzip this RCodePlus file to the root of your PMS memory stick. NOTE: Also works with standard RCODE1.2 (non-Plus)
5. Extract the Hula AIBO Personality from the downloaded zip: (1.5MB)
6. Unzip that file on top of your RCODE/PMS stick (replacing any files it asks about).
7. Put the memory stick inside your AIBO and start it up. 8. Play with your AIBO. Follow the instructions (see below).


Robot App Requirements


Mac or PC that can open the downloaded zip format.

1. An ERS-31x model AIBO (311 Latte, 312 Macaron or 31L Pug)
2. A Pink Programmable Memory Stick (AKA "PMS" or RCode stick) - ERA-MS008 or ERA-MS016
3. A memory stick reader to install the software (Use only Sony brand stick readers)
Other requirements:

Dance baby, dance!

Usage Instructions

1. Aibo will stand and wait for a voice command.
2. To access the individual dances use the appropriate voice command.
    a. "Sing a song" activates Cute dance
    b. "Showtime" activates Hula dance
    c. "Dance" activates Rock-a-hula
    d. "Let's Play" activates Hamster dance
3. If he hears a command that he doesn't recognize, he will sit and await a command that he does know.
4. When the dance finishes, wait for Aibo to stand again and issue another voice command to sample another dance.

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