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H-O-R-S-E for SpheroRobot-App Page

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  • Orbotix - Sphero
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Robot App™ Description

Developer: sgriffinusa

H-O-R-S-E is a two player game.
The first player drives Sphero and causes collisions.
Sphero will blink yellow when a collision has been registered. Sphero will track its color at each collision.
Once the time limit is up, or the Stop button is pressed, it will be the second player's turn.
The second player must cause collisions in the same color and order as the first player.
If they are not successful, the receive a letter.
The first player to spell horse, loses.
If the randomize colors option is selected, Sphero will change to a random color after each collision.

Installation Instructions

Delivered as:

Download the app, and run it on your android-based martphone.


Robot App Requirements


Android: 2.1 and up;
Android phone or tablet;
Other requirements:

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