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Robot App™ Description

Turn your Roomba into a party machine!

A unique collection of songs and dances, especially for your iRobot Roomba, the vacuum cleaner using an Android smart phone!
Select a song and watch your Roomba singing and dancing while its LEDs blink.

Choose from:
Beethoven’s 9th Symphony;
Frere Jacques;
Jingle Bells;
Little Hans;
London Bridge;
Mary Had a Little Lamb;
Old Man;
Old McDonald Had a Farm;


Installation Instructions

Delivered as:

To play, simply install this app on your Android smart phone and connect your Bluetooth dongle to your Roomba, pair it with your Roomba and you are good to go!
If you need help finding the port on your Roomba – (watch this video)


Robot App Requirements


Android 2.3.3 or higher

Bluetooth for Roomba - RooTooth
Other requirements:

Make sure that:
1. Your Roomba is fully charged (disconnect the charging station from Roomba);
2. Roomba is turned ON;
3. Bluetooth device is connected into Roomba serial port;
4. Your Android phone support bluetooth and wifi connections;

Usage Instructions

The main screen will let you connect the app with your Roomba, share it with friends, and start playing.

The songs screen allows you to select from a wide variety of songs and dances, just scroll up and down and choose the one that you want to play.

To stop, simply click the Stop button.

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