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Disco AIBO (ERS-7)Robot-App Page

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  • Sony - AIBO ERS-7
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Robot App™ Description

Disco AIBO makes your AIBOs dance along to songs played on your computer.

Disco AIBO is available for all AIBOs (ERS-11x, ERS-2x0, ERS-31x and ERS-7) - Please search for the app relevant for your robot!

Disco AIBO has a total of 22 dances.
The tones at the start of the songs provided trigger AIBOs to start dancing at (approximately) the same time.
This app can be used on any memory stick.
Developer: AiboHack team!

Installation Instructions

Delivered as:
Memory stick image.

1. Put an available PMS stick into your computer's stick reader. You can't use the 32MB AiboMind pink stick.
2. Select any folders you see at the root of the stick (usually OPEN-R and CUSTOM) and delete them. Do not format the stick.
3. Extract the RCODE7+YART zip files from the downloaded app file and the memory stick image: (3.8MB)
4. Unzip the memory stick image on top of your RCODE/PMS stick.
5. extract the additional file
6. Unzip it to the root of the memory stick. It will ask you to replace some files. Answer "Yes".
7. Put the memory stick inside your AIBO and start it up.
8. Play with your AIBO. Follow the instructions (see below).


Robot App Requirements


Winzip or any other software to unzip the downloaded file.

A Pink Programmable Memory Stick (AKA "PMS" or RCode stick) - ERA-MS008 or ERA-MS016
Card reader
Other requirements:

A PC or Mac that can be used to copy the files to the memory stick.

Usage Instructions

AIBO should be sitting down ready to start when you play a dance song. NOTE: Disco AIBO doesn't do anything else.

Play one of the songs on your computer.

AIBO must hear the first part of the song. AIBO will dance along with the song. If AIBO falls on his face, help him up. If AIBO jams, unjam it (by holding the head) and it will restart the personality and wait for the next dance to begin. When done with dancing, shut down AIBO by pressing the chest button (or just pull out the stick).

1. Play one of the songs on your computer. Make sure your AIBO can hear the first part of the song. AIBO will dance along with the song.
2. If AIBO falls on his face, help him up
3. After playing, you can restore your backup, or leave the Disco personality on the memory stick

To abort the current dance: Hold down the back sensor for 3 seconds.

The first time you playback any Disco AIBO steps, be sure your AIBO is on a soft surface (carpet recommended). Some dance steps may cause AIBO to fall down. That is part of the charm of the dances. Help out a fallen AIBO be helping him stand/sit up and continuing to dance.
As always use at your own risk.

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