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Kevin Gabbert
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Robot App™ Description

This is a Framework written in C# that implements the iRobot Roomba SCI specification. One of 2 communication specifications supported by modern Roomba robots.
Its important to mention that this was originally designed to work with the older (500) series of Roomba robots, but it should work just fine with the latest Roomba robots, and the iRobot Create.

This framework is written in C# 2.0, but it will convert to C# 4.0 without any problems. I will likely recompile and update very soon.
Also included is a diagnostic application named Roomba-Term (short for Roomba Terminal) that uses the framework.

I invite you to use the Roomba-Term software as a tool & an example on how to program the iRobot Roomba.
As you look through the code, you should find documentation in most places explaining the basics on how the code is set up and communicating with the Roomba Robot.

This program was one my first attempts at creating a framework for communicating with the iRobot Roomba/Create back in 2006, so its definitely a bit rough around the edges, and not optimized for perfect communication with the Roomba (but it *does* compensate for some issues with the RoombaSCI spec - there is a newer spec, called the RoombaOI specification which this framework does not implement).

some information on me personally:

Installation Instructions

Delivered as:

1. Ensure that you have Visual Studio 2005 or higher installed.
2. Connect your roomba to the computer via serial cable (serial to USB) or bluetooth device;
3. After downloading the project, and unzipping, go into the "roomba-term" folder and open up roomba-term.sln
If you are using a newer version of Visual Studio, it will likely want you to convert it first before using.


Robot App Requirements


1. Visual Studio 2005 or higher
2. .Net 2.0 or Higher
* Project conversion might be required to use in newer Visual Studio version.

1. iRobot Roomba series 400 and up, with firmware 2.1 and up.
    Every robot purchased after October 2005 should have this firmware installed.
2. or iRobot Create
3. Roomba to USB cable from iRobot or;
4. Bluetooth for Roomba - RooTooth
Other requirements:

Familiarity with .Net framework

Usage Instructions

There are 3 levels of commands that you can send to your iRobot Create or Roomba:

- Use the framework Command:
    myRoomba.Drive(-20, 32768); //drive backwards slowly (and straight)
This is the easiest way to send a command and requires the least help figuring out.

- Use the framework generalized "Execute" Command:
    myCreate.Execute(RoombaSCI.OpCode.Whatever, requiredByteCode);
This is a way to send any command that might not be in the framework to send to Roomba. The iRobot Create has additional commands that are not in this framework, so it will be helpful to use this command in those situations.

- Send commands to the IO port directly:
    myRoomba.IO.[dotnet IO Port command];

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