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  • Innvo-Labs - PLEO Classic
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Robot App™ Description

A Pleo personality app featuring Babe, the famous pig from the classic movie. Audio and motions are not very complex. Motions have not been 'lip-synced'.

You can use one of the almost 50 sounds and skits with Babe's voice, or the hundreds of canned sounds and skits in the library.
If you don't like what it does, you can change it.

Developer: PleoPet

Installation Instructions

Delivered as:

* Insert the SD card into your SD card reader
* It is a good idea to remove any files from the top-most folder of the SD card (or move them to a subfolder or your harddrive)
* Download the appropriate file to your PC. There are two versions so be sure to pick the one for your Pleo.
o For Pleos running 1.0.2 firmware:
o For Pleos running 1.1 firmware: Be sure there is only one URF file on the SD card.
* Unzip the zip file to the top-most folder of the SD card.
* If necessary 'stop' the SD card (required for some computers)
* Remove the SD card from the SD card reader and insert in Pleo SD slot. The card only goes one ways with the pins facing the tail.


Robot App Requirements



* A Pleo robot. Either the (1.0.2) or (1.1) firmware will work.
* A Pleo compatible SD card with at least 8MB free.
* SD card reader attached to computer that can Unzip .ZIP files (eg: a Windows based PC with WinZip). Installation from non-Windows machines is possible (but you need a Windows machine or emulator to run 'YAPT')
Other requirements:

Usage Instructions

* Turn on Pleo (switch on bottom)
* After approximately 10 seconds, Pleo should wake up and greet you with Babe's voice; If not, your SD card may be too slow. Please try the UGOBE "Holiday Pleo" personality first.
* Play with Pleo, touching all its sensors. Also try tapping the sensors as well as holding them. Also try leaving Babe Pleo alone for a minute. It will pick random skits when inactive.

NOTE: Babe Pleo will only do one thing at a time. If it is reacting to a head tap, it will ignore other input until it is done performing the skit, and then it will wait for new input.

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