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AISoy1 Read MathRobot-App Page

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AISoy Robotics
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Robot App™ Description

Let kids learning maths playing!
Write any mathematical operation on a blackboard or on a computer screen, and let AISoy1 calculate the result for you.

Installation Instructions

Delivered as:
Code - Other

Load the botapp as usual:
1) Get into the botserver typing the address on your browser;
2) In the botapps section, choose the botapp you want to load and press "cargar";
3) Once the botapp is loaded, just click on the botapp's icon;


Removal Instructions

Get into the botserver and press "Eliminar" in the botapp you want to remove.

Robot App Requirements


Vital version >= 5

AISoy1 robot
Other requirements:

Blackboard or a computer screen

Usage Instructions

Put the robot in front of the blackboard or the screen.
Write a mathematical operation and AISoy1 will calculate the result for you.

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