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USB stands for Universal Serial Bus and is a standard that describes both the physical constraints of the hardware connections as well as the communication protocol that each USB device must adhere to. USB is used for short range networks (cable length of less than 15 ft.), that mainly support peripheral devices such as USB hard drives, flash memory sticks, or other input devices like a mouse or joystick. The USB standard has undergone a few overhauls over its lifetime – which have allowed for different connection types, and more importantly speed upgrades. All USB devices are backwards compatible however, and should all work together, even when different speed of devices are placed in the same network. That being said, the USB network will be limited in speed to the slowest device available.

The USB lists that each cable must provide ~5v at each connection point, allowing for the slave device to draw power from an attached power source. This can be helpful when dealing with robotics by removing the need for an additional power supply. To learn more about USB, take a look at the links below:

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