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Roomba SCI

Rootooth is a bluetooth device connected to to Roomba's port
Rootooth is a bluetooth device connected to to Roomba's port
The Roomba family supports Roomba SCI (Serial Command Interface) as an interface to reprogram the vacuum cleaners. The port and protocol was developed by iRobot, Rommba's manufacturer. The Roomba SCI consists of a very basic command structure that uses 8-bit serial data to exchange information. The SCI port uses a PS2 connector ( same as the old keyboard and mouse connectors) and can be modified to plug directly into your computer's 9 pin D-sub serial port. If your computer does not have a serial port, you can use a USB to serial converter as a replacement, or purchase a SCI to Bluetooth adapter.

What's nice about the SCI port is that provides 5v power through the cable, so if you wanted to control the roomba with a Microcontroller or other powered device, you can source power from the roomba to achieve that. For more information about the SCI port and a great writeup on how to connect and program the roomba, look at the links below.

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